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A Hard and Fast Way to Lose Weight

I started on this diet out of necessity not because I was trying to lose weight. The results from this diet were amazing. The longer I was on the diet the better it worked. Without trying to turn you off it is a high protein diet with some changes I made to fit me and my situation.

I had split up with my wife and moved a state away without a job. I do not recommend doing that. Lucky for me I found a job quickly at a local car dealership. The money was not there, but it was a job. With a lot of my money being tied up with child support and living expenses I did not have a lot of money for food. But I knew from my past experiences in bodybuilding that with protein and water I would be fine, click here for more info.

Way to Lose Weight

The cheapest forms of protein at that time were cans of tuna and eggs. At first I was just eating. Then I started to modify it when I started to lose weight. The formula was to eat anywhere from one and half to two grams of protein per pound of body weight daily. So if you weigh 200 pounds then you would eat 300 to 400 grams of protein a day. In about a week I started to notice changes. I was eating about six eggs and one can of tuna in the morning, one can mid morning, two cans at lunch with three eggs, one can mid afternoon, and then more eggs in the evening. The eggs were whole because you will need the fat to function correctly and it helps burn the fat. On top of all that protein was a lot, and I mean a lot, of water. Translating into lots of pottie breaks during the day.

Now I am not going to lie ,on the weekends I did eat a little differently but not much. It would all depend on the money I had made, but come Monday morning I went right back to the eggs and tuna with lots of water. I stayed on this diet for about three months. I know the timeframe well because my wife and I got back together in March of that year.

Lose Weight

I love to lift weights and eat so the weight comes on pretty quick. So, I have had to go on this diet a couple of times and it always works. The hardest part is getting started, after about two weeks the cravings go away. The best part about this diet is if you are lifting weights you will not only lose weight you will change the way your body is shaped.

Sometimes when you lose weight you still look the same, just smaller. But if you will lift the weights and keep the protein high, you will not lose the muscle mass that you would in a more traditional diet. You will have a smaller and better shaped you. Weight loss does not need to be complicated, but it will be hard work.