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What is the Difference Between a King Mattress and a California King Mattress?

When you search for a good mattress, you will come across different types of options. You will find mattresses of different sizes and shapes that can help you get the best outcome. You might be worried about how the mattresses are different and what the features are.

You must understand about the two king-size mattresses are like a king mattress and California King Mattress. When you understand the pros and cons of these mattresses, you can easily make a decision about which one will prove useful for you. It will help you to easily make the decisions and ensure that you find the right product.

What is King Mattress?

What is King Mattress

When it comes to the size of the King mattress cover, you’ll find that it ranges from 76 inches to feet inches, which is equal to the two twin beds which are placed next to each other. In the king-size bed, you will find that it is designed to be perfect for two sleepers, but it can also have space for children who can snuggle with their parents at night.

When you check the standard king size bed in the market, then you will find that it is the largest mattresses are available in the market. It covers the total space of 6080 square inches. You can find that the bed size is perfect for a big master bedroom.


• Perfect for the couples, and it has space for children
• It is available in many countries
• Perfect for the large bedroom
• Options like a split king for couples


• It is hard to move because of space and size
• Expensive mattress
• It is big for people with limited spaces

What is a California King Mattress?

When it comes to the California King Mattress, you will find that its size ranges from 72 inches by 84 inches. It can also be considered as two XL mattresses when putting together. This mattress is also perfect for the couples and the people with over 6 feet tall.

The California king size mattress is narrow enough king-size, and it can have room to fit 1 or 2 small children along with the two adults. You will find that the California King bed is the second largest when compared to the matters industries. It has a space of 6048 square inches of total surface area.


• Perfect for couples who like to be closer
• It is for the people who are 6ft tall
• Great for couples who have a different sleeping preference
• Large bedroom area


• Hard to move due to big size
• It has a higher price tag
• Difficult to find bedding

What is the cost of these mattresses?

One thing that you have to realize is that if you wish to buy the best california king mattress, then you have to spend a lot of money on it. When you check the price of the king and California King Mattresses, then you will find that it is amongst the highest cost in the market, which is mainly because of their size and the materials that they contain. You will also find that some king mattresses are not widely available as the king size mattress, so you might have to pay more for them. There are different accessories that you have to consider when you plan to invest in the mattresses.

You can easily choose the best california king mattress, which can ensure that you enjoy using it. It will surely help you to get the best experience whenever you use them for different purposes. You have to make sure that you utilize the mattress properly to ensure that it is comfortable for you. When you compare all the factors, you will easily come across the best king size mattress for yourself.