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What Is A Truck Bed Liner

Want to know what is a truck bed liner? Well, we will discuss this topic in our article in details. Don’t forget to study till the end here.

If you want to protect your truck bed, you have to ensure the placement of a truck bed liner because it ensures quality protection.

What does a truck bed liner mean?

What does a truck bed liner mean

To be very honest, this is an object which is a core element for the truck owners to ensure the protection of the truck bed.

You want to know the details about a truck bed liner, right? Okay!!! We won’t brag anymore. Let’s move into the main subject.

A Truck bed liner or simply Bed liner is the product that stands against the damage of the inner side of a truck bed. Besides, it can make a skid-resistant surface that allows cargo to stay in place, depending on circumstances.

You will find two broad classifications of bed liners: “Drop-in” and “Spray-on/in”. “Drop-in” bed liners are easily got to the truck bed with no preparation work required, and it is effortless to remove for cleaning.

Spray-in bed liners need a specific preparation to get the coating to stick correctly to the bed. How well the coating sticks will fix how long it will last.

History of Truck Bed Liners

Protection of the bed of trucks has been the buzzword around the world since the beginning of the modern pickup truck in the early 1950s.

People have also found the easy and cheaper way to protect the truck bed by installing a simple sheet of wood to protect the floor of the truck from being scratched or dented.

In 1972, G. Fred Lorenzen filed a patent for “protective inner liner of cargo box or body of pickup truck”. In 1976, Robert J. Zeffero got a patent issue about the protection of truck beds with a “cargo box liner for pickup trucks”.

In 1983, a giant business organization like enda Corporation with others would soon find out a way to duplicate the design and begin to manufacture their own design of a bed liner.



There are different types of bed liners in the market. When you go for purchasing a bed liner in the market, try to get the best truck bed liner.

You might buy your truck to carry loads of equipment, furniture, a friend’s furniture, touring,
fishing, hunting, and all other things that suit it.

It is really a matter of question to think that how you use your truck, and if you are determined to haul anything in your truck bed, a spray-on bed liner is the best choice.

The list of 5 commonly used truck bed liners are given below.

  1. High-pressure spray-on Bed liner
  2. Low-pressure spray-on bed liner
  3. Plastic drop-in
  4. Bed mat
  5. DIY roll-on


A truck bed liner is a perfect shield to protect your truck bed from any scratches and dents. If you still ask “what is a truck bed liner”, then go through our article again.