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Emwave Personal Stress Reliever: Biofeedback Device for Deeper Sleep, Meditation, and Self-Hypnosis

The Emwave — a handheld biofeedback device that provides information on heart rate patterns — offers possibilities beyond basic stress relief. Since it helps users to sense their own heartbeat, synchronize the heart rate with breathing, the device compels many users to concentrate on a goal.

The Emwave essentially induces the requirements for deep meditation as taught throughout the ages in mystery schools, yoga traditions, ashrams and monasteries. What once relied on isolation, the stern hand of a guru and much willpower is now encapsulated in this little gadget.

The Emwave for Sleep

The Emwave for Sleep

The most practical use of the Emwave is as a weapon against insomnia. It chimes pleasantly as it reads the pulse beat and flashes a soft blue light at a measured pace to time breathe rate. The volume of the chime can be adjusted, or turned off completely, and the intensity of the light may be raised or lowered. A clip that attaches softly to the earlobe and connects by a wire to the Emwave detects heart rate so that a finger needn’t be pressed to the sensor of the machine while trying to sleep.

If the insomniac sincerely senses their heart, breaths deeply in rhythm with the light and tries to invoke a pleasant emotional feeling sleep will come. The Emwave may be as quick as a tranquilizer but it’s safer and eventually repeated use brings sleep faster and faster.

Using the Emwave for Deeper Meditation

True meditation has as many approaches as there are spiritual traditions and often asks for more devotion than a modern person is willing to give. The Emwave ingeniously circumvents this obstacle by updating meditative practice to the 21st century.

By giving a tangible object that actually senses and shows the internal state, the Emwave dispels any discouraging doubts the beginning meditator might have about being in the right mind frame. The breath pacer gives something objective to concentrate and fix the mind upon.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect is that as long as the Emwave detects a good internal state, incremental lights build up in a display with each successful breath. Yet if the Emwave detects a negative internal state the light units decline with each unsuccessful breath thus impelling the user to paradoxically strive for a positive mind state, find more about this.

Many Emwave users report a real sense of fulfillment is reached at the end of a session in which the entire display has been filled with light. The Emwave even shows the percentage of time spent in negative, neutral, and positive states during each session which the meditator can then record in a notebook to track their progress from day to day. Meditation becomes an engaging challenge rather than a chore.

Using the Emwave for Self-Hypnosis

One of the main requirements for hypnotic trance is deep relaxation along with an alert, concentrated mind state. In the past spinning hypno-wheels, swinging medallions, metronomes or glittering jewelry were used to induce this state but the Emwave makes all of them unnecessary.

The rhythm of the blue breath pacing light is pleasant to behold, as is the chime to hear, so that several senses are engaged at once which is a key to deepening trance states. The biofeedback from the Emwave indicates when the trance has been reached or when it has been dispelled.

Emwave Coherence

Emwave Coherence

“Coherence” is the term used by the Institute of Heartmath to describe for the overall benefit that the Emwave can provide. By practicing with the Emwave several times a day, the user quickly begins to develop an internal feeling which easily neutralizes tension, anxiety, irritation, frustration and worry.

Even if the goal isn’t to fall asleep quickly, achieve enlightenment, or improve yourself through hypnosis the unavoidable outcome of using the Emwave is a general state of calmness, poise, and confidence which is valuable to everyone living today.