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Getting Your Student Visa and Moving from the US to Study in Ireland

Due to its official language being English, Ireland is a rather popular choice for American students that wish to take up their studies at colleges and universities that are outside of the United States. Studying in a foreign country such as Ireland can be a very exciting and rewarding experience without the stress of speaking a foreign language.

If you are currently attending a college or university that has a study abroad program that matches you up with certain schools, then that is the easiest way to do some of your studies in Ireland. However, you can also find a university that is located in Ireland and apply to study with them directly. Regardless of how you are getting to Ireland to study, you will need to make sure that you apply for and obtain a student visa if you are a non- European Economic Area, or EEA, national.

the US to Study in Ireland

Under current Irish law, all non EEA nationals that wish to come to Ireland to study at an Irish college or university will need to apply for and obtain a study visa. There are two different types of study visas, dependant upon the length of your stay in Ireland. If the course is expected to last less than 3 months, then a “C” study visa is what is needed.

If the course is expected to last longer than 3 months, then a “D” study visa is what will be needed. It is important to get the correct study visa, because if you get the “C” study visa but your course is not done in 3 months you will still be required to leave the country. You should make sure that you passport is valid for a period of at least six months after your course is set to end. And you might even be asked to provide copies of older passports if you have had previous passports.

The Irish college or university that you will be attending will need to provide proof in the form of an official letter that you have been accepted to the school. They will also need to provide proof that you have already provided payment for the course fees in full. Unlike most countries, Ireland does not simply allow for proof of intent to pay for course fees. Courses must be paid in full before your arrival in Ireland, know more.

Study in Ireland

You will also be expected to provide proof of accommodation while in Ireland. In addition to that, you will be expected to have proof of adequate financial resources to support yourself during your stay in Ireland, proof of medical insurance and you will need to disclose information regarding any relatives you may have that are living in Ireland or another EU country. You should know that if your studies last more than a year, then you are entitled to public health services in Ireland.