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How can You Use Mr. Clean Magic Erase Mop?

A clean and hygienic home is everyone’s priority. If you want to avoid any health issues, then it is crucial that you use efficient ways to clean your house. Vacuum cleaning sounds intimidating but it takes up a lot of electricity and will ask you to pay for bills. It doesn’t also reach in difficult corners.

The Mr. Clean magic mop comes with an in-built wringer which makes it easy to clean the floor comfortably. You can handle tough strains if you use it in the right manner. If you don’t know the right way to use the mop, then you can read the given instructions. It is safe to be used on tile, marble, vinyl, and stone floors. If you want to learn how to use Mr clean magic eraser mop, then here are the instructions to use the magic mop.

Check It Properly

Check It Properly

First of all, you need to scan the mop from all sides. There are upper and lower handles, mop lock, mop head, mop base, and dehydrator basket. You need to install the upper handle and lower handle of the mop and screw it up properly. You need to assemble the mop and push it inside till you hear a clicking sound. Once, you assemble the mop properly, you can go ahead to use it.

Put Water In The Given Bucket

You need to put the mop head inside the given basket and loosen up the lock of the lower handle. You need to fix the mop on its rotating head and then have to press down the mop so that the rinsing is done. The scrubber available with the mop can also be used to remove the tough stains. Make sure that you change the water in the bucket when it gets dirty otherwise the germs will go into the next room.

Let The Mop Get Dehydrated

You can’t start cleaning just after putting it into a basket full of water. You need to dehydrate it by putting it into a dehydrator basket and press the handle downwards. By doing this a few times, you will be able to dehydrate the mop properly.

Use It On The Floor

When the mop has been dehydrated, you can start cleaning your floor with it. It will be simple and easy to clean with this mop because it doesn’t cause back strain. The people suffering from health problems find it easier to use this mop to clean their rooms. You can also use this mop to clean walls but make sure that the mop head is super clean before you do this.

So, these are simple ways to keep your floor clean. You just need to get a good quality of mop and you will be ready to have a clean home forever. You must have learned how to use Mr clean magic eraser mop. You don’t need to think much and try out cleaning with the top at your home.

How to Clean Microfiber?

How to Clean Microfiber

After some uses, the microfiber of the mop will look dirty and that’s the time when you need to wash it in the machine. You can also replace it if a lot of time has been passed. It will clean up quickly because of the cotton fibers. If the microfiber isn’t clean, then it will make your floor dirty and that’s why the mop must be clean always.  While cleaning the mop head, you shouldn’t use the dryer because its fiber can get destroyed. It is best that you let it dry on its own or you can also use a dehydrator basket of it.