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How can you use the IP addresses instead of the URL?

Whether you need to use an IP address instead of the URL or not, every person has this question in mind. Do you want to try out using the IP address instead of the URL? If yes, then there isn’t anything different about it. Sometimes, an IP address can help you to get access to some information which URL might not. Remembering IP address is difficulty and that’s why URL has been made. Whenever you want to learn more about making changes in the Internet Protocol address, you should know about the basics of it.

What can be the reasons to convert URL to IP?

When the DNS system of a website is down, then you can access it by using the IP address. There are some systems which only access IP address and therefore, you have to convert URL into IP address. When you want to know about the owner of the URL or any other information, then you can check its location. How to use ip address instead of url? Just like you search for URL in the browser search box, you can also search for the IP address and the destination website will open up. By using simple tools, it can be possible to convert URL to IP address without wasting much time.

How can you find your public IP address

How can you find your public IP address?

There are various methods to find out public internet protocol address. The easiest method to find your IP address is by using simple and free online tools. The IP checker tools can help you to find the location of your IP address along with ISP. You can also use Google search to find out about your IP address. You just need to type, “What’s my Internet protocol/IP address?” The results will be displayed within seconds but remember that it won’t reveal your location and ISP. Now that you know how to use ip address instead of url, you can make use of it whenever you need it.

Is your IP address safe and secure?

Every person should have a secure IP address but your public IP address is always public. There are some tools with the help of which you can find out about your IP address and similarly, you can also use the tools to find the IP address of anyone. So, you might be scared about your IP address as well because someone can get access to it. Whenever you do something online, your IP address is tagged along with it. Your online shopping, emails, chatting, browsing history, and a lot more is tagged with IP address. A person who knows about your IP address can find out your location. This is the method with which online advertisements are shown to you in your browser all the time. The easiest way to disassociate your IP address from your location is by using a virtual personal network. With the help of online tools, it can also be possible to protect your IP address.