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How Do I Change My Email Address For My Google Ad-Words Account?

To change the primary email address to Google ad-words account, there is a need to add the new user email address to the primary email address. Then that previous email address can remove easily from this account. For more information please read this article carefully and proceed further. This process takes some process which gives greatest flexibility way of changing email address or user name. Then the Google ads account access can be provided by Google. Google products and services are having more options for changing user name from other email address. It is not available for the Gmail account users. Other than that, the alternate email address is allowed for sign in to the Google product like Google ads and so on. It will create a separate Google account and the signing in for view, edit for the Google ads account. 

Google Ad-Words Account

What Is The Simple Procedure To Change The Email Address For Google Ad-Words?

By using the email address, the Google products can access anywhere with the simple process. If the user is not using a Gmail account, it will not a problem. Because any email address can convert into the Google ads account. The procedure of changing the email address to Gmail account is explained below. 

Initially, sign in to the My Account. Then there is an option in the first page itself. That is personal info and privacy where the email selection is shown. And then select the email section. Next, select the Google account email section. After that, enter the new email address and click save email address. It is the simple process and the verification message is sent through the primary email address and just enter the verification link in that message and proceed the further process. By confirming the verification link details, the old email address is changed to the Google ads account. If the old email address does not receive this verification message, then check the spam folder for complete this procedure. Even though the verification message is not received then there is one more option for getting the new mail. That link requests new email link in that same page. This is the procedure followed for changing the alternate email address to the Google ads account.

What Is The Simple Procedure To Change The Email Address For Google Ad-Words

There are different abilities are available for viewing and editing the ad-word content. This is mostly depending on the level of accessing the account of Google ads. Hence, the user can allow the access for Google account of ad-words. Then the access controls are separated as standard and administrative levels. Whether the user can access with the help of manager account and where the billing payments are made by simple methods. In every manager account, the Google ads account provides the grant access, accept access and revoke access to all the users who are using the Google ads account. If the user having trouble to access this feature, then use our website for more information.