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How to Become a Locksmith

If you are looking for a new career, consider a locksmith apprenticeship. While apprenticeships are not always paid, they do offer entry-level employees the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. You can apply for an apprenticeship and be paid for your time in the field, but many offer only experience. If you are considering becoming a locksmith, make sure to look for a certified or licensed mentor to guide you through your apprenticeship.



While many industries are suffering from the recession, locksmithing is not one of them. The demand for locksmiths is always high. New safety protocols and insurance regulations mean that locks constantly need to be replaced. Fortunately, training to become a locksmith is not difficult. Depending on the location, you can find work in almost any city. During your training, you’ll gain the knowledge and experience needed to provide a reliable service to your clients.


There are three steps to become certified as a locksmith. First, you must locate a licensed locksmith and become an apprentice to them. Then, you must find an employer. This can be done as early as high school. Next, you must submit an application for apprenticeship to the ITA, along with a sponsorship form signed by your employer. Once you’ve completed the apprenticeship, you can sit for the ITA examination to become certified as a locksmith, Navigate to this website.

Job outlook

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, job opportunities for locksmiths will decrease by nine percent by 2028, but some positions will be created as current locksmiths retire. Other job openings will be created as the population grows and more people become aware of preventative security measures. Locksmiths must also keep up with technological advances, as many of them work in highly technological environments. There are a number of training options available to prospective locksmiths.

Requirements for becoming a locksmith

A good locksmith needs to be a trustworthy citizen. Not only must he have the proper education, but he must have the appropriate license. While the requirements differ from state to state, an applicant must pass a background check and submit fingerprints. After obtaining these credentials, he must get a license and become a member of a governing body.

Cost of training

Many people start out their locksmith career as apprentices. Apprenticeships can last for two to three years and train students in the basics of locksmithing. Once trained, an entry-level locksmith can handle most residential and light commercial work. To become a fully-fledged locksmith, an apprentice must have at least six months of experience. In addition to learning about the business, he or she should also take on automotive training.


Before starting your own business, you must get a license as a locksmith in your state. This license is required by law. You must pass an assessment that will test your skills. There are two governing bodies for locksmith certifications: the Associated Locksmiths of America and the Safe and Vault Technicians Association. You will need to pass both exams to get your license. In some states, you may need to submit fingerprints and go through a background check.