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How to Clean Diesel Particulate Filter?

Diesel particulate filter is necessary to keep our environment secure from pollution in diesel cars. It is a costly part of the car, which can cost from 4000 dollars to 8000 dollars.

To save your money, you need proper maintenance and cleanliness of your car DPF after regular intervals.

It may look easy to clean the diesel particulate filter, but it needs care while cleaning the diesel particulate filter.

We will provide you detailed steps that will help you to clean your car’s diesel particulate filter with some easy steps.

How does it long to clean the diesel particulate filter?

How does it long to clean the diesel particulate filter

It takes 60 to 90 minutes to clean the diesel particulate filter, but it varies from situation to situation.

Can I clean the diesel particulate filter with water?

“Yes,” you can clean the diesel particulate filter with water, but you need a narrow jet water sprayer for cleaning the DPF with water. But make sure it is dry when you reinstall it in the car.

How can I clean Diesel particulate filter?

When you need to clean the diesel particulate filter, you need to follow these simple steps, which will help you remove all kinds of dirt and blockage from the filter and enhance its life span.

  • Start with analyzing the weight of the DPF; it will help you find a simple way to clean it according to its size and weight. When you get the weight, it will give your idea about the dirt’s weight after deducting the original weight of the DPF from the weight you calculated.
  • Now inspect the dirty flow, place it on the flow meter, work, or are there any damage or crack that need fixation.  Then place it on the suction plate and, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, the excessive soot before the regeneration.
  • After that, it needs to regenerate the DPF with heat in the next step, plug up the DPF and remove the wet soot and unburned diesel particles from the filter. Then place it in the oven for regeneration in a hot environment. But make sure not to set the temperature too high.
  • Then with the compressed air pressure, remove the remaining ash from the filter and make it clean. Check it thoroughly to make sure all of the ash is properly removed.
  • In the next step, inspect the clean flow through perform a flow test and then weigh the DPF again to check the weight. If the weight is equal to the original weight, it means you have removed all dust, debris and soot from the filter.

Final Thoughts:

We need proper cleanliness of the DPF from time to time, but when you face a problem with the filter, check it thoroughly. If it is not beneficial for the diesel particulate filter to clean, then go with a replacement.  But if the problem is minor, then go with its cleaning. For cleanliness, you need proper steps to follow that we have provided you in the above content. However, you can check out this link to find more ways of cleaning diesel particulate filter.