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How to Convert Kw into Amps

From the ancient period to the modern period, there is a massive change in the world. People started depending more on technological development.  Electricity is one of the most important things invented by humans. Without electricity, the world will not function. From houses to large factories, everything works because of electricity. In this article, you can find details about electrical energy and how to covert Kw into Amps.

Electrical Energy

When electrons move from one place to another place, it produces energy called electrical energy. Energy is defined as the ability to apply force to move an object and that force is an electrical attraction or repulsion between charged particles. This charge particles move through a wire or other medium to produce current or electricity. Electrical energy is used to power a light bulb, pieces of machinery, computers, home appliances, etc. Our human body also uses electrical energy to transmit nerve impulses, move muscles, and transport materials. Some of the examples of electrical energy include:

Electrical Energy
  • Direct Current(DC)
  • Alternating Current(AC)
  • Batteries
  • Capacitors
  • Lightning
  • Energy generated by electric eels

Electric Eels

Electric eels are rare species that generate large electric currents by way of a highly specialized nervous system. The nervous system of the eels can synchronize the activity of disc-shaped, electricity-producing cells fitted into an electric organ. It is a fascinating creature that hunts at night by emitting weak electric impulses that act like radar to the prey. When the prey is near, it stuns it with strong electrical blasts and sucks the animal into its mouth.


Kilowatt measures the power utilized by the small electrical devices like a bulb and home appliances like the fan, electric heater, the lamp, etc.

Kw = Joule / Second x 1000

Kwh(Kilowatt Hour)

Kwh(Kilowatt Hour)

Kwh is used to measure the energy consumed by the machines. It is used for calculating the electrical energy.

Kwh = Kw x hour

How to Measure Energy

Energy consumed by a machine can be measured by the product of time and power utilized by the machine.

Energy( in Kwh) = Power (Kw) x Time

Energy Conversion

We cannot destroy energy but can convert it. The process of change in energy from one form to another form is called energy conversion. For example, the conversion of light energy into heat and nuclear energy into heat energy comes under energy conversion. Electrical energy can be converted into many forms of energy like mechanical, light, heat, etc.

Converting kW into Amps

Converting kW into Amps

Amps are also called ca Amperes. It is used to measure the current of the device. To convert Kw into Amps, you need to know the voltage of the circuit using Watt’s law.

amps = (kW × 1,000) ÷ volts

To easily convert this, you can search for kw to amps calculator online. You can find many online calculators that can easily convert the Kw into amps to give the result. You need to fetch the details needed for calculating the amps.