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How to Create a Click Track?

With the rapid growth of the internet, everything became online. Many people prefer online shopping and hence online marketing has gained huge popularity in recent years. This is why it is important to know how to construct and manage natural link building techniques and strategies to gain more customers. Many search engines include Google, Yahoo, and other major engines have started to rate pages based on a few new main factors that include, Link Building. There are many natural untraceable link building techniques and strategies are implemented.

Click Trackers:

Click Trackers

A link or click building strategy is defined as a basic set of techniques where one can add links on other websites that point back to their website. To create click track we have to log in to the website and fill the destination URL. Then we should select the campaign that we have to associate this tracking link with. At last, have to create custom URL slug for the tracking link and should give a catchy name.

The importance of using link tracking software is evident as webmasters spend much time and resources to create many quality one-way links to start an effective campaign and promote their website across the Internet. One main disadvantage is there may accrue any undesirable consequence that they tend to face is that their links either disappear or die within days of having it set up. It is difficult and impractical to constantly monitor which links get deactivated. Link tracking software is the best solution to this problem.

Click Tracking Software:

Link tracking software helps the website logs or other means of counting the number of responses, or conversions, that our promotional campaigns are generating. It is a way of adding a unique identifies to the links in our campaigns so that the source of any responses is easily determined. Link tracker is essentially a database of all the link exchanges to the website. This best click tracking software automatically and constantly verifies the validity of all the one-way backlinks and notifies when any link is taken down or does not work. It also states the Page Rank of the web pages that host their backlink. This is important as it allows webmasters to deem the importance of the link and how it helps the assessment of the website by search engines. The higher the Page Rank of these web pages with the backlink, the more importance is given to the website.

Click Tracking Software


  • It improves sales conversions by letting us know the order of the links on the webpage that attracts the most links.
  • It gives a thorough report on which links are the most effective.
  • It helps to tracks all the clicks made in real-time.
  • Edits the long and unreadable links so that they become easier to remember in search engines.
  • Gives information about the time of the day a particular link receives the most traffic.
  • Tracks every click on the banners and the best performing ads.
  • Automatically updates the links and change outdated affiliate URLs.