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How to Fix a Stickers Throttle On A Dirt Bike

There are a number of reasons why your throttle might stick. You have never cleaned the throttle bath or handlebar if you go down, have dirt or mud in there, or maybe you never clean it.

At the beginning there was a definite and annoying stick. It did not just stick to the dirt bike, it did not snap back and it seemed as if the throttle was not coming back. Eventually, although it would.

What Causes The Stick To Throttle?

What Causes The Stick To Throttle

Some of the throttle tube below is what usually sticks your throttle.

  • mud
  • dirt
  • Debris
  • burrs

Sometimes the throttle cables can be routed incorrectly, overtime, twisting and binding. This also inhibits the performance of the throttle. You might not notice a clear and current problem immediately from twisted wires, so you will feel it on a turn when the handlebars move up the throttle cables. Suddenly you could get an increase in unexpected power that results in a crash, or the bike power down so that you open the throttle and then the cables disengage and we know what happens next.

The throttle cable is also connected to the carburetor, and both connectors also influence the control of the gases. If the cable / carburetor connection is damaged or stuck with muck, similar results are to be expected. This problem is prevented once more by routine maintenance and proper adjustment between the throttle cable and the carburetor.

Sticky Throttle Fixing

Do not worry. Do not worry. If you have ever wondered how a sticky throttle can be fixed on a dirt bike, it is surprisingly simple. Also you can try out mx stickers.

Remove Tube Throttle

The first thing I recommend is to remove the throttle tube and clean the handlebar and the throttle tube. To remove the throttle tube, remove the two bolts that fasten your throttle tube to the handlebar, remove the throttle cable from its pulley and attachment (mine is the white piece in the second image below) and then slide off the throttle tube.

Handlebar And Throttle Tube Wipe Down

Once the throttle tube has been removed from the handlebar, you want to wipe it down. Inspect the tube for any cracks, and you will need to replace it if you see any.

Scotch-Brite Tube And Handlebar

Scotch-Brite Tube And Handlebar

You will have to take a scotch-brite pad after removing the fat, dirt and debris from the handlebar and throttle tube. Wash the handlebar down and the scotch-brite pad inside the throttle tube to remove any burrs, sand, chunks etc.

Apply Small Grain Quantity

Almost done. Now that everything is smooth and clean, it is time to put everything together again. Apply a very thin layer of grate or wd-40 to the handlebar before reassembly, and slide on it inside the throttle tube.

Bolts And Test Tighten

Put it back together now. Tighten the bolts and you should be fine. But there is just one more thing – if you push the throttle tube back to the handlebar, make sure it does not slide on so far it is really close to the end of the handlebar.

You Would Like To Roll The Throttle Smoothly.

You Would Like To Roll The Throttle Smoothly

Secondly, if you have bark busters attached to the end of your handlebar, ensure the throttle tube slides far enough to prevent it from rubbing against the bark buster.

Check for debris before each ride on both ends of the throttle cable that can cause your throttle to stick. Check the handlebar and the top of the throttle tube. Make sure that you can rotate your throttle and snap it back. Finally, take one minute to also ensure that the throttle cable is not punched when you turn the handlebars, and that other cables and wires are not enmeshed.