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How to get Notification When Someone is Online on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is, no doubt, the best mobile app that provides a lot of opportunities to connect with people. You may use WhatsApp to communicate with your customers and other important people.

Many times you need to contact, but the person remains offline, and you cannot connect. You missed checking WhatsApp when this person was available.

SIM offering companies allow its users to set a notification for an off number; when he will online, you will receive the message.

But unfortunately, this function is missing in WhatsApp official version. What will you do? Will you check again and again with that person on WhatsApp? What a ridiculous job is that.

No need to worry; we have found a solution to your problem that will make you able to get rid of this job. A new app that is called Whatsapp GB is the sister app of the WhatsApp official. It allows you to set a notification for your offline contacts.

For knowing more, stay with us at our article on how to get a notification when someone is online on WhatsApp.

How to get Notification for an offline contact?

Steps to get when someone is online on whatsapp

If you have the whatsapp gb app with you, we can set the Notification for offline contact. Just follow our below guidelines for setting Notification for offline reference.

Go to the setting of WhatsApp by clicking on the right side account details button. You can set the Notification for an offline person.

Steps to get when someone is online on whatsapp:

• Launch WhatsApp Gb on your android device from the Google play store. Wait till downloading of WhatsApp GB when the download completes. It will automatically install and appears on your device screen.
• Now turn on the Notification from the setting menu of your WhatsApp.
• When notification set, now open your Gmail account on your device.
• Tap on the settings and select your account.
• Here you will Notification, now chose the level of Notification.
• When you have selected, then push the inbox notifications.
• From here, you can also set the Notification for sounds for WhatsApp.
• Now give details of your offline contact, and you want a notification for that contact.
• Once details are added, you have completed the notification setting process for that contact. When this person is available on WhatsApp, you will notify.
• You can also set the voice notification, and you will see an audio message on your android screen.
• For verification, add a contact with your friend and ask him to go offline; when you set the Notification, ask him to be online. You will receive an audio message on your screen.

Final Thoughts:

You have reviewed our article about how to get a notification when someone is online on. Install WhatsApp GB with your device and set a notification for your contact.

But here we will also mention to you that WhatsApp GB is a sister app of WhatsApp and is unauthorized from WhatsApp. But it has excellent features that are not available in WhatsApp official.