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How to Hide Followers on Instagram?

You might be wondering why anyone would want to hide their followers. Well, you may not care about how many people are following you but it can be a little embarrassing when someone unfollows you and your account is left with just one or two followers. You also don’t need all the spam from strangers that usually come with having a lot of followers they tend to post annoying ads in your feed or messages asking for money and other things like this. And if you’re trying to keep up appearances online, there’s no point in showing off an empty account! There are many reasons why people might want to hide their followers on Instagram. In this article, we at Goldstar Social will be discussing how to hide followers on Instagram.

What Are Followers On Instagram?

Followers are people who have chosen to support someone by following their account. You can also follow them by liking and commenting on their posts. To be a follower, all you need to do is click on the person’s profile and tap “follow.” People are also automatically following the first 200 accounts who post on their photo stream. You can check your number of followers by going into your profile settings and scrolling down to “followers.”

How to Hide Your Followers on Instagram?

The first step is to go into your profile settings and click on ‘followers’. By clicking the follower button, you can select just “me” or “everyone” based on what you want the latter will show your account to everyone in the world. Next, input the number of people you’re willing to follow back. This new Instagram algorithm might not be so bad after all.

Finally, you can go into your direct messages and turn off the ‘send read receipts’ option! It might feel like no one is replying to your messages, but that’s because Instagram does not send a notification when someone has read your message. By checking the direct messages section in your account, you can see how many times your friends have read  your messages.

In your ‘statuses’ section, you can also turn on the ‘don’t notify me when someone screenshots my story’ option. This helps protect your privacy, as people won’t know when you have viewed their stories. Please note that this will not affect the notification settings of other social media platforms.

Reasons For Hiding Your Followers On Instagram

There are several reasons why some people might want to hide their followers on Instagram. One of these reasons is that they’re not proud of their follower number or they may be frustrated with trying to get more. They also might want to hide their account from the public eye because it’s a personal account, and only people they follow know about it. Lastly, they may want to do it just to be an active user on Instagram.


The best way to get your voice heard on Instagram is by hiding followers. This will allow you to focus on the people that are most important in your life and make it feel like they’re all listening when you post. Plus, this strategy can help prevent stalking or feeling overwhelmed.