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How to Lose that Extra Weight

I have always been a small framed person so any time I was above the “healthy” weight, I would have people asking if I had put on weight. An ex was especially harsh on me if I gained even one pound, which made me eventually become anorexic. Under the crazy assumption that I needed to be at 100 pounds, I finally realized that it was unhealthy and decided to become more responsible about eating and my health.

Extra Weight

After a divorce, I found myself eating for comfort. I quickly gained twenty pounds and knew I was outside the recommended healthy body weight. So I went back to smoking, which had seemed to keep me skinny before. I even tried to reason with people that at least I would be healthy from being at an ideal weight, completely neglecting the long-term health effects of smoking. Eventually I wisened up, quit smoking, and of course gained weight after I quit.

Fast forward through the yo-yo dieting, finally incorporating a workout routine, and getting back down to my ideal weight. I then found out I was pregnant with twin boys and knew I needed to gain the proper amount of weight for the optimum health of my babies. Of course, I didn’t realize I would be bedridden from 20 weeks on, never experience morning sickness, and end up topping out at 195 pounds before they were born. I only lost maybe 30 pounds from childbirth and still looked like I was in my second trimester of a pregnancy! Finally putting away all my pre-pregnancy clothes, I went out and bought a whole new wardrobe of clothing.

When you are struggling to lose weight, you feel helpless at times. I tried to incorporate a workout routine, but it was too difficult with the twins and still trying to find time to get myself some rest. While I managed to take off some weight, it wasn’t nearly enough to make me feel good about myself again. Slowly I took off some baby weight, but still had an extra 28 pounds. I then found a full-time job that I needed lots of energy for and found the perfect solution.

GNC sells a product called OxyElite. This supplement is a miracle worker. It can speed up metabolism, act as a fat blocker, provide more energy than any energy drink can provide, and even act as an appetite suppressant. I would take one pill and get this amazing extra boost in energy. I also realized that I needed to take a multivitamin to give myself the added nutrients as well as get a little bit more energy to help me get through the entire day. The only downside with this product is that you can only take it for 60 days and then have to give your body a break and go off of it for 30 days. But I have shed my last 25 pounds to get back down to my ideal weight, which I haven’t seen in over four years! I have people incredulous that I have twins because I definitely don’t look like I ever had them. So if you have those extra pounds that you really need to shed, head to your local GNC and invest in your health!