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How to Make a Bike Cargo Trailer?

Have you ever felt that while in the market for shopping, you need extra things, but cannot load these additional items on your bike due to less space?

You do not have money to purchase a big car for you instead of a bike, then why you should not try your bike as a cargo trailer in the form of a bike cargo trailer.

Do you want some low-cost solutions? No need to wonder; stay here with us; we will help you with proper steps detail and teach you how to make a cargo trailer.

Step by step procedure of making a bike cargo trailer:

Step by step procedure of making a bike cargo trailer

There we will provide you details about making a bike cargo trailer. With the proper following of below six steps, you can make your cargo trailer.

• Arrange Required Material:

It would help if you had tools like a grinder, drill presser, center punch, hammer, permanent marker, welding gloves, helmet, and tape to measure.

It would help if you had the material 1-inch square tube steel flat bar 1 foot long, two by 3, and 1 by 3-inch steel bar of one foot. Two 3/8, four ¼ inch and two 3/8 inch bolts and nuts, four 5/16 nuts, and washers.

You also need 28 by 41 inch MDF piece of ¾ inch, a quick disconnect ball linkage, and in the last two wheels with tires that suit your bike height.

You can arrange them from the local market with great ease.

• Make Dropouts for the Cargo

In the second step, you need to make dropouts from2 by 3/16 inch flat bar. With the angle grinder cut off the wheel in a thickness of 1/8.

While making, please wear your glasses for safety purposes to avoid sparking. Make four pieces of 3-inch length.

• Weld the Cargo Frame:

In the next step, you need to weld the cargo frame but first wear gloves on your hands and wear glasses on your eyes.

From the available square steel tube, you need to build one by 1-inch frames. Make their angles fit by molding them in curved shape after that cut and weld them together.

• Make pulling Arm:

To attach your trailer with the bike, you need the pulling arms. With one by 1-inch steel tube, you make pulling arms to connect the cargo trailer with your bike.

You need to attach them with two pinch bolts and then try to fix them with firming. After selecting them, tape the holes. This will keep the arm safe from bending.

• Build a platform for the trailer:

In the next step, manufacture a medium-density platform of your cargo trailer. Please choose good quality plywood—the dimension need of 28 by 41 inches suitable for the bike trailer.

Make a hole with the assistance of a drill and attach it to the bike to pull arms firmly and check them by all means.

• Prepare racks for the bike:

It would help if you prepared racks for the bike. These racks make it more firms to attach the bike and the trailer and make it able to bear the load. Make sure everything is proper in attachment and firmly banded.

Attach all the necessary accessories with the bike and trailer. Now your own made bike cargo trailer is ready. You can take a ride anywhere and handle all the items you need from the market in one go.

Bike Cargo Trailer


So, you have seen many of the markets made bike cargo trailers in the market, which are expensive to purchase, and you stop thinking of buying about them.

But don’t worry; you will get enough information from our article on “how to make a cargo trailer.”