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How to Play Heads or Tails?

Head and tail is such an exciting game, which will be played on all the games started. But this will be played as a specific game to get money or for fun games. The first step to play the game is to flip the coin as you would normally flip a coin. It doesn’t matter which side the quarter is on when you start. And the next step is catching the quarter in one hand, allowing it to land at the base of your middle and ring fingers, after that catch the quarter on your hand. The third step is now very quickly run your thumb over the quarter before you transfer the quarter to the back of your other hand to display the quarter. This is the part where you feel one side or the other. The trick lies in the fact that the one side heads of the quarter is very smooth and the other side tails of the quarter is very rough.

Play Heads or Tails

Give a quick rub of the quarter with your thumb and transfer the quarter to your other hand to start the game. After that, you can fix the rough side is tails and the smooth side is heads. The difference is quite noticeable and you will figure it out with just a few practices tries. Then you choose the opposite of what your thumb feels you are the winner in this game. And the final step is now since you are transferring the quarter to the back of your other hand, you must call the opposite of what you feel assuming you transfers it by slapping it over to your other hand, thus giving it a half-flip to its final resting place. If you feel heads, then the answer will be tails. If you feel tails, then the answer will be heading. Call the heads or tails, lift your original catching handoff and reveal the astonishing answer! You can’t lose!

fun and raise more

Do you want to add more fun and raise more funds at your event? It is a simple fundraising idea, easy to manage and all guests can participate. All you need for this game is a two-sided coin, an energetic presenter, a willing audience, and a prize for the winner. Heads or Tails is a final result to make you a winner or a looser. However, it can be adapted to fit most gatherings. We recommend playing it towards the beginning of your program after the introductions, but before the main event; e.g. live auction or speaker. This gets people off their feet and energized for your feature event. If you want to get more info just read this site and know exciting features of this head and tail game. This is the head and tail game playing methods. I hope you will know the secrete to win the heads and tails game. To make more fun on your day just take a coin and play this game to relax you.