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How to take a Screenshot on Lenovo Ideapad

Think, you have a Lenovo Ideapad and want to have a screenshot, but you don’t know How to take a screenshot on lenovo ideapad.

Well, don’t go anywhere. One thing that you should do to do this is to go through this article very carefully until the end.

A screenshot is a constant image of your display screen captured by the built-in function in the operating system or by the software.

Nowadays, capturing a screenshot becomes a very common job. Taking a quick screenshot could be a great help in conveying the message properly. But if you are those who don’t know how to take a screenshot with their smart device, Lenovo Ideapad, don’t worry, you are here at the right place. Let’s dive into the details.

Some Steps to take a screenshot on Lenovo ideapad

Some Steps to take a screenshot on Lenovo ideapad

There are some steps that you need to follow very carefully to get the job done. Today we will discuss 2 methods. Here, we go.

  1. Through Snagit
  2. Take screenshots with the Windows screenshot feature

Method 1. Using Snagit to get a screenshot

Snagit is a powerful tool that people use to take the screenshot perfectly and, of course, in a faster way.

So, if you intend to get your job done perfectly and fast, then there is no alternative to Snagit to do the job. So, what are you waiting for?

You don’t know the procedure right?

Well, here are some steps you need to follow to learn it.

• At first, go for downloading and installing it.

• Secondly, run it and complete the signing process in Snagit, and then click the Capture button.

• Thirdly, you have to select a custom area through click and drag with your mouse, and then you should release your mouse button.

• Then, use your device’s camera icon to get the selected area.

• Edit your screenshot on the pop-up Snagit Editor. You can add shapes, text, effects, or make adjustments to your screenshot

• On your keyboard, press Ctrl and S to save this screenshot

Method 2. Take screenshots with the Windows screenshot feature

Take screenshots with the Windows screenshot feature

There is another method of taking the screenshot of the whole screen. The steps are very easy to grab. So, let’s move.

• Get your keyboard first, tap the Windows logo key and the PrtSc key simultaneously. You will then be able to have a screenshot of the whole screen in your pc.

• If you want to open the screenshot image after taking it, just move to C:\Users[Your Name]\Pictures\Screenshots.

• So, finally, you need to edit this screenshot image, right? To do this, you need to paste it into the Paint program to edit it.


Ever like a photograph and want to capture it right away to email or use it as your PC background? Taking a screenshot could be an easy solution to do so.

Lenovo Ideapad makes taking screenshots a lot easier. We hope, by reading this, you will be well informed on how to take a screenshot on lenovo ideapad.

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any questions about the Lenovo Ideapad, please leave us a comment. Read Lenovo Ideapad l340 review to learn more.