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How to Tie a Hanbok?

People around the world follow different cultures. Korea has a long history and it contains varied traditions and cultures. People who love to travel to Korea are the most to visit the place and want to know about their culture. Its culture and traditions are most loved by the tourist. Their food and their traditional dresses are the most likable among most of the people. Hanbok is the traditional dress of Koreans. It has a long history and a heavy significance for the Korean culture. If we go to Korea, we might get the chance to wear hanbok. Though it may look simple to wear but it is not much easy as it appears.

Modern Hanbok:

Modern Hanbok

Now in this modern era hanboks today look very different when they first become into the fashion industry. The modern hanbok is both different and similar to the older pattern of hanboks. The newer versions of hanboks are very comfortable to wear. Men wear baggy pants that are cinched at the ankle and tunic-like jackets while women wear the floor-length, voluminous skirt and a short jacket that ties at the waist. For different occasions they wear different types of hanbok it includes.

  • The Dol hanbok, which is worn by Korean’s on their child’s first birthday.
  • The wedding hanbok is more ornamental than other types and it looks rich.
  • Hoegabyeon hanbok, is worn on someone’s 61st birthday to wish them a long life.
  • Myeongjeol hanbok, is worn for the Lunar New Year.

How to Wear Hanbok?

The hanbok contains two main pieces of cloth. The garment that they wore on the top is known as jeogori which looks like a jacket. Both men and women can wear this. The bottom garment for women is called a chima, which is quite large, with billowing folds of fabric, and reaches, all the way down to the ground. Men wear pants called baji and they are large and roomy and both the men’s and the women’s version of hanbok is very comfortable. After the westernization now people of Korea wear their traditional dress only to a formal occasion or any special events. This includes weddings and mostly the brides are commonly seen with hanbok during their wedding. How to tie a hanbok is unknown among many of them who try to wear it for the first time.

How to Wear Hanbok
  • Jeogori contains two long ribbons that are tied to form the otgoreum.
  • One should make cross the shorter ribbon over the longer one, and should make a loop under the left ribbon using the right one to make a simple knot.
  • Then we should fold the other ribbon by its center then tuck the edge inside the loop.
  • At last we should gently tighten it by pulling the folded edge of the long ribbon. The final result should look like a half-done bow tie with the two ribbons hanging on the right chest.

When tying the hanbok, the knot shouldn’t be too tight and the loop should naturally lie on the chest parallel to the ceiling. Look at more info here