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How to use WhatsApp App?

One of the popular social media apps is WhatsApp. There are more than 2 billion downloads of this app and the most using app globally.

Its excellent, easy, and unique features are increasing its popularity, and its number of users is increasing day by day.

Maybe you are the one reader who does not know much about this excellent app. Why people love its modern version of WhatsApp? We will elaborate on you each and everything about this app in our below content.
If you do not know about this app, then remain with us here in our article how to use the WhatsApp app? We will guide you with everything.

How to use Whatsapp?

use Whatsapp

As we discussed that it is one of the most accessible social media apps. Due to simplicity, it is becoming popular. We are providing you some guidelines about how you can use this app.

How to download and Install?

For downloading this app, go to the google play store on your device and search the WhatsApp app in the search bar. When it appears to click on the app, press the download button, and after download, it will automatically install.

How to Register With App?

Registering with this app is very simple. You just need to enter your mobile number, and a verification code will send by WhatsApp on your mobile. Enter this code and complete your verification.

How to make your profile?

When you complete your verification, you need to enter your name after uploading your profile picture. Here you can also write anything about yourself that other people can see.

How to send messages?

When you need to send a message to your friends, search his contact by pushing a green button with a message icon on the main screen.

When you see your fellow contact, click on the contact; a chat box will open. You will see a blinking cursor at the bottom of the chatbox.

When you type your message, there will be a send option to press the send, and your message will be sent to your fellows.

How to call?

Same as the above step, open the chatbox; you will see two iconic images on the upper right, one for video and another icon of the phone logo.

If you want an audio call, press phone image, and a video call press logo representing the video.

If you want to cut the call, press the red button, and your call will disconnect.

How to send videos?

Go to the chatbox, you will see an attachment option at the bottom of the chatbox; press this attachment option. When you press this attachment option, a list of options appears.

If you want to send a live video, then press the camera button, but if you have a video already on your device, then press the gallery button.

After pressing your, all videos list will appear to select your video and press it, your video will forward.

How to send documents?

Follow the same process as above, but while a list of options appears to touch the document option, a list of your stored documents appear. Now select your document and tap on it again; your document will forward.

How to send documents

How to revoke your messages?

One of WhatsApp’s excellent features is that if you send a message or document wrongly, you can revert it.
Press the document or message for one or two seconds your message or document will select. Then see on the upper right corner, you will see the delete option; tap it.

A message will appear to delete it and delete it for everyone. If you press delete it, it will delete from your inbox, but if your tap on delete it for everyone. Then it will delete from the receiver’s inbox too.

Final Thoughts:

You have gone through our above content. We researched and provided you guidelines about how to use the WhatsApp app?

We hope you are now able to use WhatsApp on your device. If you want to enjoy more features, then download whatsapp gb.