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How to wash Copper Pillow

Copper pillows are just like standard pillows. The only difference is that the base component is infused with copper oxide. Other than that, when you sleep on a copper pillow or a typical pillow there’s no telling what the difference is. So, the washing methods are not so different. There are some moderations to follow. In the article, you will learn about three different ways of washing copper pillows.

Regular usage of anything will expose it to being dirty. So, washing is always on the table. But copper pillow is something that sounds different than any other type of pillow. That’s why this I one of the most commonly asked questions on the internet. But the saddest part is that there’s no information available about how to wash the copper pillow. So, we will take care of that. Let’s get into the methods.

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Machine wash

Machine wash

Copper pillows are something that you can make last forever only if you follow specific rules. These rules are not that hard. The first method of washing a copper pillow or pillowcase is machine washing.

Most but not all copper pillows and pillowcases are machine washable. But you cannot use washing components at your will. There’s a strict rule of not putting fabric softener thinking you can make the pillow surface even softer than usual. Fabric softener risks copper oxide particles.

If you still want to wash copper pillows, all you have to is select random detergent power to clean it. Forceful wash with fabric softener will result in the breaking of memory foam and destroying the pillow to become useless soft stuff.

Hand wash

Though pillows are machine washable, most owners of copper pillows refuse to wash them this way. They have said hand cleaning the thing is even more convenient than putting it inside a machine.

It is advised to use lukewarm water and fabric softener is also off-limits. All you can use is a regular detergent, but be sure to check whether it has any fabric softener or not. Because as I have mentioned earlier, fabric softener ruins copper particles.

Hand washing is much better than a machine wash. Because while washing with hands you can find out the vulnerable spots. A machine does not or cannot do that.

Sun cleaning

Sun cleaning

There’s another way you can clean your copper pillows. You see washing a pillow is not a regular thing. We don’t wash pillows now and then. Also, water is not ideal for colluding with pillows. It can destroy the quality of the pillows. So, what you can do is leave the pillows in the sunlight for a few hours.

Sunlight not only kills bacteria and harmful things, but it also removes the smell evidently and makes the pillow fresh. So, this is a way you can apply to wash the copper pillows without having to use any water.

Final Words

It’s not enough to know the product and its uses and benefits. It’s also crucial for everyone to see the maintenance.

The only thing you have to do to maintain your copper pillow is to know precisely how to wash them. We have discussed three different ways that you can opt for. See which one suits you and apply when you deem it’s necessary.