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JBuds J3 Earphones Review

I found the J3 Micro Atomic Noise Isolating Earbuds on the JBuds website, seeing that they were quite stylish. I also had a few good recommendations from friends about the J2 earbuds, also from JBuds, so I thought I could take these J3 earbuds for a spin. Here’s what I thought.


Earphones Review

The accessories that come with the earbuds are quite nice. There are four different sizes for the earpieces, something that will definitely help you get comfortable with these earbuds. Speaking of which, these are extremely comfortable, and even after hours, I don’t really notice the earbuds. Another accessory that is included is a hard carrying case.

Noise isolation is something that the J3’s indeed do. While it won’t completely shut out ambient noise to the level of, say, a good set of Bose headphones, it will adequately reduce the noise to an acceptable level. Of course, it will vary from environment to environment, but I was satisfied with the noise isolation even on public transit.

So what about the sound quality? Let me say that it is good. There is a good balance of trebles, mids, and basses. The trebles and mids are rich, and the earbuds can showcase its full range on the right songs. The bass also provides a good punch, and it is very tight.

The build is of high quality, as the buds are made of aluminum and the jack is gold plated. An aluminum body would make it more durable over time, and a gold plated jack would reduce the amount of static and noise. This means that these earbuds should last for some time, and sound good doing it.


I suppose one downside is perhaps the price. If you’re considering paying over $30 for these, then don’t. You should be able to find it for way less, but the retail price apparently lists it at much more.

If you’re into heavier music, or something that is more bass heavy, then these earbuds may not provide the right balance of sounds for you. I’ve tried it with a few ‘heavier’ songs, and it didn’t sound as good as that on my other headphones.


The J3 earbuds from JBuds delivers on both sound quality and build quality. With its design and materials, it should last a person for quite a while. While it may not make the best first impression, it will certainly ‘wow’ you at its price. This is a great set of medium level earbuds for anyone who enjoys music and would like some noise isolation from time to time.

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