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Jobs with No Respect. First in a Series…”Security Guard.”

Your in between jobs. You read the paper research the net and invariably you will find positions bountiful with the need for “Security Guard.” Why you may wonder why this is, but you blow off the answer to that concern because you need a job.

A hiring process for the position of a security guard may be the normal back round check, education, etc. Chances are you will be interviewed by a former policeman, military policeman, or a big wanna be cop, who could not pass the cop test. You may be required to become licensed. This may involve going to classes, and passing a test. Sometimes the employer will pick up the tab for the license fee, read more from here. One should ask prior to taking a job in this field. One should also inquire about who would foot the bill for uniforms. With your uniform make sure if you must wear a tie make sure it is a fake one, because if some moose grabs a real necktie that you would wear you may be strangled. If you must write reports and your pen is in plain view you may look efficient but do you want to die efficient? That pen in your pocket is a formidable weapon for some goon to take it from you and stab you. Stabbed with a pen. That would suck!

Best Security Guard

This type of position has a high turnover. The employer knows it, and eventually you may become to understand the logic of the employer with concerns to loss of security staff. Employers who care would want you to and perhaps pay for continuing education for you.

Loss. Find out if you will be bonded, and insured. The guy you toss out, may become the plaintiff in a lawsuit against you and your employer. In this field you may be sued and actually never know it. If you stop a shoplifter falsely, you may go to jail, sued, and loose that cherished security license.

If you carry a gun as a security guard, you probably are more liable for your actions. Cops are not obliged to give you a break either if you wear your gun to work and drive with it on. Become familiar with gun laws that would apply to you. A security guard is never above the law and should never think so. The screening for a guard will differ widely from one jurisdiction to the next. Things to consider…………

If you mace someone do not be surprised if you end up in court. Educate yourself in “reasonable force.” Remember you are not a cop. You may have a security license, but in no way does that entitle you to the benefits a commissioned cop may have. Many security positions are “unarmed.” Think of that when some ex-con who is drunk wants to stir it up with you at your employers. Think of that male or female employee who false reports a suspect stealing in your place of business just for a joke.

Think of that guy who throws a bottle at your head, and you call the real police who arrive long after the perp is gone. Think like any other job with the accept ion that this position can become very dangerous, that there is no obligation that they have to show up if you need back up. Maybe there radio was broke. Maybe they just do not like you. In this field when there are “lifers” as security guards you may here many stories of how bad-assed they were. You may never ever see that. If you do plan on becoming a security guard, stay in shape. You will run, you will walk, and you will be bored. You may assist in auto accidents. You may have to quell a domestic problem. You may have to have keys that way three pounds to carry which is great if you do not want to be heard. You will be attacked by men and women. Develop a thick skin. You will be called every name in the book. You may become injured. You may get involved unintentionally in police business. Put your morals aside, and your judgment in the trunk of your car. Depending on where you work, you may also have to help some administrator move his copier, and or set up lunch tables. You will do all of this type of thing all for maybe 8 or 9 dollars an hour. You may see more action than a police officer, but again do not accept the same kind of support the cops get. Definitely be careful and be sharp. One of the worst things in security work is when you work with someone who thinks they are a “real” cop. Find a co worker you can trust, and can work with. This is vital.