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Learn the Football Positions

An Easy Guide to Learning the Many Football Postions


Quarterback – This person is the main leader of the entire offensive team. Calling the plays, changing the plays before play, and organizing the team on the field, this person has the most important and hardest job. The Quarterback is the main ball thrower and can even sometimes run the ball.

Wide Receiver – Usually, the team has about two of these players on the field at the same time. You can simply call this player a ball catcher. The Quarterback Throws the ball to the Wide Receiver. They are usually the fastest players on the field and are split about seven yards away from the interior linemen.

Tight End – The Tight End is also a type of Wide Receiver, but bigger and stronger yet a little slower. The Tight End guards the QB with extra blocking as well as giving him an extra outlet while handling the ball. This player determines the strong side of the offense, the side he positions himself on.

Halfback – The Halfback is the main ball runner of the team. This player can receive hand offs from the Quarterback to run, can run routes and catch the ball, can block for the Quarterback, and even sometimes throw the ball.

Learning the Many Football Postions

Fullback – The fullback is the biggest of the runners. This player usually does not have the speed of the halfback but packs more power for short run bursts. He is expected to run, block, and sometimes catch as well.

Tackle and Guard – These players, plus the center, make up the interior line. They block for the Quarterback and provide him with extra time in the pocket.

Center – This is the most important member of the interior line. This player hikes the ball back into the Quarterbacks hands. In the middle of the line, this player holds back most of the push from the defense.


Linebackers – This group of talented and athletic individuals are known as the Quarterbacks of the defense. They can change plays on the field and dictate the overall flow of the defense. The are expected to rush the Quarterback, drop back and cover the wide receivers or tight ends, or move in and tackle the running backs. This position is very versatile and important on the defense.

Cornerbacks – These players are the fastest individuals on the defensive team. They are expected to cover the fastest wide receivers on the team on pass plays and also tackle much bigger foes on running plays. They play in the spot of the field called the secondary, learn more here Soccersociety.


Safeties – Playing in the secondary with the Cornerbacks, this group of players stop any deep passes from being executed without trouble. When a cornerback needs help, these players are there to step in and help guard the wide receivers. They are also the last resort for tackling if the running backs break through the defense.

Tackles and Ends – These players are the front line of the defense. They stop the running back and also rush the quarterback. In order to get the job done, these individuals are the biggest players on the defensive side of the ball. They line up right on the line of scrimmage and use their hands to push past the offensive line to attack the Quarterback.

After you review all the players on the field, you will be ready to watch and enjoy a football game. You may even have a great appreciation for the organization and talent these players must have to endure this game.