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How to Change a Server Status to Online?

In this era, business magnets are shimmering in online. Having a website and social media marketing is basic to let your brainchild reach everyone. A fully functional website is not just a simple thing as it seems. When there are any hitches occurs in server or anything, the website goes offline and constrains your potential customer from reaching you. It has the potential to directly influence your potential to slip out of your hands. One mandatory skill every business owner while owning a website should possess is server status check and how to turn it on or off. If you are up to procure such knowledge, then exploring this article would assist you to update yourselves.

Changing the server status online to offline or offline to online is just a piece of cake. Anyone can learn it and employ the skill whenever it is necessary. When the server is offline, the server connections are disabled and no matter how hard your client tries, the website won’t respond to their request or events.

Accessing the admin window is the way to change offline to online. The server notifies active users about the change is undergoing for a period of time. If you have specified the time, it displays those time. It even allows you to save your work.

Changing server status:

Changing server status

Visit the Integration manager to check no jobs have been scheduled for processing. Once you check it, you can move further to change the status of sever from offline to online.

• Open the “Admin” window and click the “Actions” tab.
• You will find “Current Server status”. It lets you set the time you want the change to take effect.
• “Change Status Online” tab can be found on the window. If it is already turned on, you will find the “Change Status Offline” tab. This is the way to shift the status from offline to online or online to offline. Just a tap is more than enough. You can easily change your status.
• Click “Ok” to change the server status.
When you click Ok, a message indicates the time it takes (generally in seconds) to change. You have just selected the time in the previous step.
A message pops on the displays which notify the user when it has 30 seconds to remain before the change starts to affect. The Design Manager, Integration Manager, Admin Screens will show the message of whether the server remains offline or not.
• If you have changed your mind and want the previous status back, then click the “Cancel”. It is optional, only if you want to cancel the change, go for it. Else keep it going.

When you click “Cancel” a new message pops up on the screen which indicates that change you have requested got cancelled.

This is how you change the server status according to your necessitates.

Hope this article helps you effectively learn to change the status of the server.