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Stainless Steel Lampshade

Hole punch or stencil and craft knife
Stainless steel spray paint

Today’s products are so amazing. Now, anyone can make their own stained glass windows, porcelain finishes, jewel-encrusted boxes, and so much more. No longer is it necessary to go to a professional to have something special made for your home. Nor is it necessary to spend big money on a home accent just because it’s unique. Have a glance at your lamps. Are the shades looking a little old, discolored, or ragged? Hey, it happens. Give each shade a make-over and the piece will look like an entirely new lamp. That’s especially true if you turn a cloth lampshade into a metal one.

A stainless steel lampshade

A stainless steel lampshade is so easy to make because of the new products that stores now carry. Visit a home improvement store to find a spray-on paint that looks like stainless steel. If you love shiny – and who doesn’t – you’ll love the paint on your tired-looking lampshades. Plus, painting is usually cheaper than buying new shades.

The best lampshade for using the stainless steel paint on is one that has a slick finish. Avoid shades that feature lacy or ruffled edges as well as shades with pom-poms hanging around the bottom. Remove the shade and prepare it for the paint job.

The thing about a non-metal lampshade is that it allows light to shine through it. But when you have a metal shade, that’s not going to happen. So, cut designs in the existing lampshade so that you’ll have tiny openings to allow for radiating light. A hole punch around the top and bottom edges of the lampshade, or a stencil and a sharp knife, can get the job done. Cut the designs that you like – a lot, or not too many – but make sure that each design has small holes.


Read and follow the directions on the can to apply the stainless steel paint to the existing lampshade. Dust the shade off first, set it on newspaper or plastic, and paint it. After allowing it to dry, give it a second coat. There is a top coat product that is sold alongside the stainless steel paint; it’s a good idea to apply it, too, so that the new lampshade is protected, additional resources.

Many people love the look of stainless steel around the house but few see it on a lampshade. You’ll fall in love, though, when you see how new and modern your old lampshade now looks.