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Steps to Lose Weight Fast for Women

Losing weight is probably a battle for most people. Living everyday life trying to lose weight is a challenging task to accomplish. It takes mental and physical strength both in full effect in order to lose weight. You can’t just be physically strong exercising, while the mental part is telling you to eat that strawberry cheesecake. That’s the problem with most people they think just because they exercised they have the right to go eat a buffet. That’s the problem that I suffered for years.

Lose Weight Fast

Here is the solution to lose that excess fat. First you train your mind to commit to eating smaller portions of food through out the day, instead of feasting on super sized meals like what they feed you at chain restaurants. Mixed and match your meals through out the day. Try to make the meal that you are eating as healthy as possible, when the healthy meals gets boring, add spices to boost up the flavor; like Cajun pepper. Spicy spices can help you burn calories. Substitute the soda for a refreshing glass of pure iced water with lemon slices. Cutting back on the soda can make losing weight a easier process. If you are strong minded enough eliminate dessert, but if you can’t eat fruit’s instead of that 300 calorie brownie. If you don’t like fruits go buy the 100 calorie desserts that they sell in the supermarkets. Also remember to eat a light breakfast to boost up your metabolism, but try not to eat at night.
Eating healthy alone won’t make you lose all that excess weight you also need to exercise and be active. Wake up early in the morning and start walking, build up that strength and start jogging. If you can’t jog keep on walking and maybe you should try bicycling. Be active in sports when you have the time, instead of going to the movies with your friends ask them to go play tennis or some other sport that you enjoy playing. Sometimes when playing a sport that you love exercising becomes easier. Also there are many benefits in playing sports such as saving money, burning calories, relieving stress and more.

Lastly be less lazy instead of taking the elevator or escalator, you should take the stairs which will help burn calories and tone up your legs. Do housework such as cleaning and do more yard work. Don’t eat when you are bored. When watching television be active and do some type of exercise. If you like video games you should buy a WII to be more active.

If you follow my steps you will lose weight, it just take time and commitment. Stop complaining about your weight and do something about it. Also please don’t sprinkle salt into your food, that makes you fat. I see it happening all the time; my friend complaining about her weight and then she goes and sprinkle tons of salt into her food.