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The Best Ways to Lose Weight and How to Keep from Gaining It Back

Losing weight is such a big hurdle for one to take.

For some it can cause a fortune, like of those going to gastric bypass that is very common these days.

But, why do we have to spend thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars just to shed off pounds and save our lives, when that stage or situation can actually be prevented. It’s just a matter of us being seriously responsible to ourselves.

Both men and women’s metabolism slows down as we age and this one thing that people who are in the mid-ages has to accept. Meaning, when one reaches the ages 30, it’s most likely to see stomach fats (beer bellies) start to build up on men and on us women, it will be our arms, thighs, belly, buttocks and stomach too. And, these days, weight problems are also very common to teens, the young generations.

ow to Keep from Gaining It Back

Indeed, there are countless of desperate people from young to old, who are in desparately in search for a weight-loss program that is proven to be effective and apparently choosing one is actually as hard as losing weight too.

There are tons and tons of bogus dietary plans and weight loss programs plaguing on the internet and the television that has no proven results to show and guaranty consumer.

What one has to know is that regardless of what plans or programs you would get into, the “real key” to a successful weight loss is within you, within yourselves. Set your goal, keep focus and be a winner!

Below are My 10 Best Ways to Lose Weight and Be Healthy All the Way:

  1. No to Salt and Sugar;
  2. No to Oily, Fried or Fatty Foods;
  3. No to Carbonated Drinks and Alcohol;
  4. No to Junk Foods too;
  5. No to Rice and other bad carbs on the evenings;
  6. Yes to lean Meats and steam fishes on Lunches;
  7. Yes to lots of Veggies and Fruits
  8. Yes to More Cereals, Grains and Nuts;
  9. Yes to 8 Glass of Water or more; and,
  10. Yes to daily Exercise!

These 10 simple ways are very realistic and attainable.

Normally on holidays, especially from Thanksgiving until New year is done, it’s so hard to keep on track of our weight because of the celebrations or festivity and food is simply just everywhere. That’s when we should double our efforts to make ourselves active, to sweat and burn calories. Cardio exercises are highly complementing.

I discourage usage of diet pills and diet teas too, just to suppress hunger and boost energy drives. For most of those diet pills have so much caffeine and all others contents that can seriously harm one’s liver and with the diet teas, those are not safe either, for they contain senna leaves; a strong laxative leaf that can badly damage the human intestine. So, stay away from those.

10 simple ways are very realistic and attainable

For those who can afford, it will be best to seek your physician’s advice on your health condition and your desire to be healthy. In that way, you won’t put your life in danger.

Nevertheless, nothing is still better than doing things naturally. It’s safe, less expensive and risk free.

Just maintain discipline, keep focus, never give up and be fat free!