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The Hidden Benefits of Quercetin

Quercetin is a hidden nutrient found in plants. Some fruits, herbs, and vegetables are containing high quercetin and you are unaware of it. This nutrient is naturally found in green and leafy vegetables, onions, apples, fruits rich in vitamin c and even in red wines. This is also present in honey. The effectiveness of these plants to various diseases is said to be related to its high quercetin content. There are medicinal uses of quercetin. This certain nutrient is known for its health risk reduction. It is one of the most beneficial flavonols that helps in reducing and preventing the risk in some cancer related ailments.

It has been promoted to be effective against variety of diseases, including cancer. There was no clinical evidence yet that this cures cancer but it has been known that this inhibits the growth of breast and pancreatic cancer cells by preventing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells with cancer. This also benefits the heart by strengthening the capillaries helping the blood to flow and circulate. It has anti-inflammatory effect and promotes healing of the wounds. This is good for person with low immune system since this boosts the immunity of the body. This nutrient is also helpful to person with arthritis, and inflamed prostate. This maintains your skin and joints in good condition and gives relief to allergies and insect bites.


There are also other uses for quercetin; it benefits the brain, develops cognitive function, lowers cholesterol level, prevents cataracts, and treats type II diabetes, peptic ulcers and more.

Aside from its strong anti-oxidant property, this has anti-aging effect as well. Like green tea and coffee, quercetin protects the body from harmful effects of free radicals which can cause damage to body’s cells. Eating foods that are rich in quercetin will increase the anti-oxidant activity of your bloodstream. It eliminates mutagens and carcinogens. This nutrient also has something to do with anti-microbial, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer activity. Some anti-inflammatory drugs cannot beat quercetin. Even less intake of this nutrient, the activity of the body that contributes to the health benefits still occur.

If you do not get enough fruits and vegetables every day, quercetin is now used in quality nutritional supplements. This dietary supplement can be bought in different genuine health food stores. Before taking, it is advised to consult a doctor even there were rare claims of its side effects to human.