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The Top 10 Things I Did to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

The best way to lose weight is to combine diet and exercise in a way that is personally motivating. Here are my top ten tips to the best ways lose weight, which I applied while losing four clothing sizes!

1. Find your motivation. We all want to lose weight for different reasons. Whatever your reason might be, you must harness that desire to kick-start your body towards reaching that goal. For example, buy a bikini in advance to wear once you hit your weight goal, or tape a picture of the hot celebrity body you are craving to emulate on your refrigerator.

Did to Lose Weight

2. Make a Goal. None of us are very good at sticking to a plan if we don’t know what that plan specifically entails! Make some goals and write them down. Start small, focusing on either diet or exercise, and be specific about what you plan to do. For example, your goal can be to eat eight servings of fruits/veggies a day, or to wake up 30 minutes early to go for a walk before work.

3. Find Cheerleaders. Enlist the help of your spouse, partner, parents, kids, and coworkers. Ask them to cheer you on and keep you accountable.

4. Enlist a Partner to Lose Weight Alongside You. Invite a friend to take daily walks with you on your lunch breaks, share a trainer with a friend, or to make healthful dinners together. Share your struggles and successes.

5. Fill up on Fruits on Veggies. Add more fruits and veggies to your diet, and you will find yourself filling up on quality, healthful foods. This will help you reduce your daily calorie intake as well.

6. Shop for Fresh Food. Stock up on fresh foods found only on the outskirts of the grocery store – this includes fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy and lean meats. Skip the wide range of processed boxed food that is found in the center of the grocery store.

7. Drink more Water. As water has zero calories, it is an obvious choice over the high sugar and high calorie sodas and fruit juices. It will also fill you up and increase your energy. If you are not a fan of drinking water, try club soda or another non-caloric carbonated water.

8. Add More Movement. Join a gym, take evening walks, take the stairs, walk the dog, bike to the store, take a new exercise class. Examine where you are now in your exercise routine (or lack thereof) and take it up a notch.

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9. Don’t Get Discouraged. If you do not meet your goal immediately, or if you plan is temporarily derailed, make a fresh start upon waking up the next morning. Learning from our mistakes is a great way to lose weight!

10. Make an Appointment With an Expert. Take advantage of experts around you and ask them for individualized tips. Consult fitness magazines for at-home exercises and columns of fitness experts. Insurance companies will pay for a session with a nutritionist, who can teach you to read nutrition labels, count calories or tailor a meal plan to your needs. Personal trainers usually offer a free training session, giving you the opportunity to learn how to properly lift weights or use the machines at your gym, source.

The single best diet and weight loss tip, however, is to find what works for you and you alone… then stick with it! Make your goals harder as time goes on, and keep taking it up a notch. By following these ten tips, you will successfully achieve you desired weight loss and meet your personal goals!