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What Should I Look For in a Button Maker?

Before purchasing a button maker, be sure to consider several factors. You should consider how much the product will cost, whether or not it comes with a warranty, and the ease of use. Also, look for a button maker that comes with easy-to-follow instructions. It would be nice if it has a warranty if it breaks during use. Aside from price, you should choose a reputable brand and stick to a budget.

Circle butter

Circle butter

A circle butter in a button maker can make the process of cutting buttons into a round shape much simpler and faster. Although circle butter is a nice feature, it is not an absolute must. If you want to make buttons in unique round shapes, you should look for a button maker with a separate cutter. Some button makers include a cutter and some do not. You should check to see what your needs are before you purchase a button maker.

Mylar bubble

During the production of buttons, a mylar bubble may form on the surface of the button. This bubble is caused by changes in environmental pressure and altitude, as air becomes trapped between the two layers. In addition to these environmental pressures, moving from high to low altitude also creates this bubble effect. As such, removing the mylar bubble from the button face before putting it in the machine will help prevent this bubble.

Price of buttons

Buttons vary in price, but the margin for error is often wide. There are several factors to consider in pricing a button, and a button maker can help you establish an accurate pricing structure. Consider the following:

Types of button makers

There are various types of button makers. The one you choose will depend on the size of the button you need to make. A few have built-in cutters while others need an additional cutter. It is important to look for ease of installation and easy-to-use features. Look for manuals and instructions on how to use the button maker. Some types of button makers don’t require power or batteries. Those that do require power should be easy to use.

Sizes of buttons

There are many types of buttons and sizes of button makers. Generally, round buttons come in several different sizes, from small to large. Medium size buttons are ideal for the arts and artists, and are slightly larger than small ones. They are also small enough to wear on everyday clothing. Large buttons are generally best for political campaigns and other high-end apparel. Depending on your purpose, you can choose from three different button sizes, ranging from two to five inches.