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Why is Corona Virus So Scary?

The corona virus is one of the most feared viruses in the world. It has been credited with mass migration and subjugating the Uighurs, while others attribute it to a population control scheme backed by Bill Gates. While it is not known who created the virus, there are plenty of theories. The fear generated by the new strain is enough to make people want to stay home and stay away from others until they feel better. Unfortunately, the viral strains are highly infectious and can infect surfaces, including your hands and faces. This is why it is so important to clean all of your surfaces.

Feeds Fear and Anxiety

Feeds Fear and Anxiety

While the corona virus is not a public health emergency, its rapid spread through the media creates an atmosphere of fear. The news is constantly reporting on the negative effects of the virus, and CNN has a permanent graphic of the number of victims and deaths. The constant bombardment of the news can feed the fear and anxiety that people have about the new threat. There’s a limit to how much you can absorb, but remember, it varies for everyone.

Misinformed Fears

The fear of this new virus is unfounded, but it’s helpful to have one. It is important to avoid places that may have the infection, and to use masks to protect yourself. Although President Trump may have been exposed to the disease at the Rose Garden event, he hasn’t been infected. While we can all agree that fear is a good thing, it’s also important to maintain the right level of fear.

Delta Virus

Delta Virus

The media is full of stories about the dangers of the corona virus. Every time the virus copies itself, it gains a small mutation, which changes the shape of the virus and the way it spreads. This new variant, called delta, has several mutations that enable it to replicate faster. This may be the reason it’s so frightening. The only real way to deal with this scary new strain is to stay healthy and keep your family safe.

Media Addiction

The media reports the negative aspects of the coronavirus all the time. You can find a permanent graphic on CNN showing the number of cases and deaths. As an anxious person, you’ll have to be mindful of your media consumption to avoid catching the virus. It’s easy to become addicted to media, which is why it’s so scary. While President Trump may be a victim of the corona virus, it is not his fault. Sneak a peek at this site to find out additional info about fear of the coronavirus.

Caution When Reporting

The media reports about the virus’s negative aspects constantly. There is a permanent graphic on CNN, showing the number of cases and deaths, which reinforces the fears of the people who are anxious about it. While the media doesn’t exploit the fear of the virus, it is often responsible for perpetuating the fear. This is why the media must be cautious when reporting on the coronavirus. The truth is, the virus isn’t dangerous for most people.


The media is a major contributor to the fear of the coronavirus. They report on the virus’s negative aspects 24 hours a day. The latest graphic on CNN shows the number of deaths and cases. This media reinforces the fears of the people, which can create a vicious cycle of panic. The media’s coverage of the coronavirus is extremely worrying, and the public’s reaction is not much better.