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Half of our 219 guestrooms are two-room suites. We feature 71 standard deluxe, 44 king deluxe, 52 Crowne Suites (king beds) and 52 Living Suites (double/doubles).


West Palm Beach is an ideal destination to enjoy fine arts, with numerous art galleries, music groups, dance companies and theaters.


The elegant Grand Ballroom, with 5000 square feet (465 square meters) of meeting space, can accommodate up to 650 guests in a reception style setting.


The Crowne Plaza West Palm Beach is known for excellent dining.

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The Atrium Restaurant is located in our beautiful atrium and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hours of operation are 6:30am to 10:00pm. We offer a bountiful breakfast buffet daily and our lunch buffet is available Monday through Friday.

Our lobby bar, Atrium Lounge, offers your favorite beverage, appetizers and a full dinner menu in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Hours or operation are 5:00pm to 11:00pm.





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How to Screencast from One Device to Another?

How to Screencast from One Device to Another

The screen casting means that the playing any videos, songs, or films, or else by viewing the one’s data in the other screen or mobile phone display in the same room is called as screen casting. The screen casting is not be the type of mirroring the entire screen of your device, you just make any songs or videos or any type of content that you needed only to display on the other device screen and besides that we can regularly starts to use our phone, as this because we just sending the content to the other display and that display downloads the content to watch and we can continuously use our device. The casting can be done through both the wired and wireless connection from our mobile phone to the television display.

Screencast from One Device to Another

Ways for Screen Casting From Device to Device:

The screen casting is done from one device to another device in the same space of area, by the continuous usage of our phone with texts or some other activities by enjoying the songs or videos on the other screen. We can cast our android mobile phone to the television by the first needed thing is that having a same WIFI connection. Then we have to select the Google home application. After opening we can select the device which is used for casting. In android phone, we have to first go for the settings, and then select display, and then we can cast our phone, and enable wireless display.

The other way of casting the android device can be we can go for setting, in there we can choose the option of screen casting. The phone will show the casting devices which are nearby the mobile phone. The casting of one device content to another device display is advantage to the people as they can use their device without any interruption as they showing their video content to be telecast on the other device. The screen casting is also called in other terms as digital recording as this because it records the screen content of the mobile phone display or television.

Ways for Screen Casting From Device to Device

This is mainly used at the time of presentation and also for analyzing the process of any application websites. We can either cast our system by wired connection or by wireless connection. The wired connection means that we can cast our mobile phone and television by the hardware cable. The wireless connection means that the connection between the mobile phone and television can be done through the WIFI connection which is to be same for both the device. We can connect our casting by searching the screen cast option in our smart features of mobile phone and it will show the nearby casting devices to our phone, and then we can connect and share the our video content to the big screen display we want to select. For more information we can search for the screen casting types and methods available in the internet where we can get details.

What do Estate Planning Lawyers do?

What do Estate Planning Lawyers do

The people assets and properties are worth at any time. These are most important for the person who owns. Generally, liabilities of the properties have engaged in the service of estate planning. The distributions of the estates make the process of systematic in many ways with the help of lawyers. The estate planning lawyers are mainly involved in the disposal and distribution of the estates who helps more to increase the value of the estate and by the way of reducing the taxes. Then the other expenses related to the process and services are included to reduce the tax amount. The lawyers involved in this process employed for an hourly basis. For the detailed explanation and proper advice related to estate planning visit this link

What are the basic facts regarding real estate and estate planning lawyers?

What are the basic facts regarding real estate and estate planning lawyers

This is the first step to identify the trusted lawyer to work with the distribution of the estate which you want to plan at first. Probate is the initial step to the legal procedure of managing the deceased estate of a person. Then this process involves the validation and approval by the probate court. After that, the legal documentation is to be enforced. These steps are more important for people who are not required to plan for the wealthy. Nowadays, people believe that estate planning is only for wealthy but it is a real truth word. Most of the estate planning provides the best road map for financial expenses. Then trusts, wills and state federal law on taxes are actually prepared for the transaction in legal impediments. The lawyers are preparing most sophisticated plans according to the wishes of incapacity or death into writing. Now the right documents are used to ensure the goals. The property ownership, financial power of attorneys and many more will and trusts are included in the estate planning.

The effective estate lawyer has expanded knowledge about the property or any other assets. Especially the estate planning lawyer is responsible for the determination of the particular distribution of the client. Specifically, knowledgeable people can advise the estate law attorneys where the assets are saved and reserved. Many elements are important in estate planning. Depending on the situation, the important part of planning is setting up for the appropriate estate. Then the cost of the lawyer may vary according to the draft planning. Then the financial advising or estate planner is the good profession which included the most expected growth from the level of national. In additional federal laws are enforcing to allow the creation, implementation and many other additional laws. Trusts are more expensive than wills for appropriate creation and maintenance. People in every age should put the planning for the estate which fits the particular needs. It is most likely the simple process and also trusted plan is to be documented. Healthcare durable power of attorney is included tool to build the documentation. Distributions of asset and legacy wishes are helping to plan the estate very well.

How to Change a Server Status to Online?

server status check

In this era, business magnets are shimmering in online. Having a website and social media marketing is basic to let your brainchild reach everyone. A fully functional website is not just a simple thing as it seems. When there are any hitches occurs in server or anything, the website goes offline and constrains your potential customer from reaching you. It has the potential to directly influence your potential to slip out of your hands. One mandatory skill every business owner while owning a website should possess is server status check and how to turn it on or off. If you are up to procure such knowledge, then exploring this article would assist you to update yourselves.

Changing the server status online to offline or offline to online is just a piece of cake. Anyone can learn it and employ the skill whenever it is necessary. When the server is offline, the server connections are disabled and no matter how hard your client tries, the website won’t respond to their request or events.

Accessing the admin window is the way to change offline to online. The server notifies active users about the change is undergoing for a period of time. If you have specified the time, it displays those time. It even allows you to save your work.

Changing server status:

Changing server status

Visit the Integration manager to check no jobs have been scheduled for processing. Once you check it, you can move further to change the status of sever from offline to online.

• Open the “Admin” window and click the “Actions” tab.
• You will find “Current Server status”. It lets you set the time you want the change to take effect.
• “Change Status Online” tab can be found on the window. If it is already turned on, you will find the “Change Status Offline” tab. This is the way to shift the status from offline to online or online to offline. Just a tap is more than enough. You can easily change your status.
• Click “Ok” to change the server status.
When you click Ok, a message indicates the time it takes (generally in seconds) to change. You have just selected the time in the previous step.
A message pops on the displays which notify the user when it has 30 seconds to remain before the change starts to affect. The Design Manager, Integration Manager, Admin Screens will show the message of whether the server remains offline or not.
• If you have changed your mind and want the previous status back, then click the “Cancel”. It is optional, only if you want to cancel the change, go for it. Else keep it going.

When you click “Cancel” a new message pops up on the screen which indicates that change you have requested got cancelled.

This is how you change the server status according to your necessitates.

Hope this article helps you effectively learn to change the status of the server.

How Can I Find My Lost Smartwatch

How Can I Find My Lost Smartwatch

You have listened to that much time that your smartwatches have become a better replacement for your mobile phones. It is true, not true only because features such as recording, video watching, and entertaining many other features are also in them.

Suppose you have lost your favourite watch or forget it anywhere in the home, no need to worry. You can easily find out your lost watch. We have researched and found an app for you that will help you to locate your lost watch. 

It is an excellent app that not only helps you in locating your watch but also helps you to locate your mobile phones too. Here you stay with us in our article, how can I find my lost smartwatch? We will guide you about the use of that app.

How To Find A Lost Watch?

How To Find A Lost Watch

For finding your lost watch, you can download and take help from that. Find My android watch wear app. Here below are the ways how you can use this app. 

First of all, before downloading the app, check that is your device has all the required specifications? If yes, then download and install that app with your device.

Now you can pinpoint your lost watch whereabouts.

You need to sign in with the app using the same email account you have logged on your watch.

Here you will find the watch watches location if it is still connected to wifi or internet connection. But if it is turned off, you will see your watch’s last location last time when it is connected. If you have logged with this account on many devices, all devices will show on the app’s left side. 

Now select your lost device and see its last location. When you select your device, you will be able to use the following features that will help you locate. You are now able to turn on the ring option even your device was on mute mode. By ring, you can find your watch. 

Your device location for every fifteen minutes will appear on the display screen. If you know that your mobile has theft, then you can turn on the lock function on your phone; by doing that, you can protect your personal data from unauthorized access.

In your theft watch case, you can also erase your essential data from the thieves’ access. There are also options for you to take the backup of your data before erasing your watch data. You can also Auto-off your watch from the remote place by using this app. In this app, you can also see the last 50 messages and calls.


favourite watch

Smartwatch is a splendid item that makes everything possible for you. Now you can do all such things that you have on your desktop and mobile phones. If you have lost your favourite watch, no need to worry; we have provided you with a simple app that will make you easy by all means. 

How Far Can a Wifi Amplifier Reach

How far Can a Wifi Amplifier Reach

In most homes, people use different devices which need a wide range of wifi connections. So, setting up a wifi connection is a must option for those homes. 

When it is the question of boosting the network of wifi so that everyone at home can get the proper and clear network.

So, you may think about how far can a wifi amplifier reach. We want to let you know how far it goes and works with its faster mode. 

What is a WiFi Amplifier?

What is a WiFi Amplifier

A wifi amplifier expands the wifi network coverage area by increasing or extending existing signals wifi network signals.

Most importantly, it is considered to be a unique solution that performs by pulling in existing weak wifi from the transmitter. Finally, it then extends it before broadcasting the transmission to more spaces where needed.

Do You Need A wifi Booster?

One of the best selectors of whether a wifi booster is a worthy investment is the current wifi coverage in your space. If you think that scattered zones in your business compounds or homes get to be a really weak wireless fidelity or the connection doesn’t reach, then such a wifi amplifier is a great gadget.

Most importantly, it could save you from getting the extra cables or more expensive networking gear, including switches and hubs. With the wifi amplifier, your existing wireless coverage will be what is extended. At the end of the day, the transmission gets to be stronger as the reception is bounced across more places. 

Interestingly, this paves the way to give more people around you the chance to enjoy their gaming devices, browse websites, or work on internet-connected projects in many areas in a building or home. Note that the poor connection can be due to either the router being out of range in specific rooms or obstruction brought about by various objects or structures such as furniture or thick walls.

They actually interfere with the coverage by getting in the way. With a wifi booster, the problem is eliminated as the wireless transmission is captured from the access point or router and transmitted into the wireless device. 

How far a wifi Amplifier Reaches

A good wifi amplifier can drive your wifi signal into the farthest corners of your home so that you can use your Alexa, laptop, or Switch from any room. If you place it correctly, some good quality wifi amplifier can even spread that happy wifi juice into the backyard so that you can enjoy Netflix poolside.

You can find the good quality wifi extender by visiting this site A good quality amplifier can have the superb power to reach every corner of the house. People from the different corner with the respective devices can enjoy the internet service through the wifi amplifier.

How far a wifi Amplifier Reaches


The most important factor for the modern world is to have effective internet service in every house. Without the proper network, the modern world is useless. So, boosting the network of your internet needs a good amplifier that reaches the farthest corner of your house or your office. 

How to wash Copper Pillow

How to wash Copper Pillow

Copper pillows are just like standard pillows. The only difference is that the base component is infused with copper oxide. Other than that, when you sleep on a copper pillow or a typical pillow there’s no telling what the difference is. So, the washing methods are not so different. There are some moderations to follow. In the article, you will learn about three different ways of washing copper pillows.

Regular usage of anything will expose it to being dirty. So, washing is always on the table. But copper pillow is something that sounds different than any other type of pillow. That’s why this I one of the most commonly asked questions on the internet. But the saddest part is that there’s no information available about how to wash the copper pillow. So, we will take care of that. Let’s get into the methods.

While you’re at the subject, feel free to check out some of the best copper pillows available on the internet –

Machine wash

Machine wash

Copper pillows are something that you can make last forever only if you follow specific rules. These rules are not that hard. The first method of washing a copper pillow or pillowcase is machine washing.

Most but not all copper pillows and pillowcases are machine washable. But you cannot use washing components at your will. There’s a strict rule of not putting fabric softener thinking you can make the pillow surface even softer than usual. Fabric softener risks copper oxide particles.

If you still want to wash copper pillows, all you have to is select random detergent power to clean it. Forceful wash with fabric softener will result in the breaking of memory foam and destroying the pillow to become useless soft stuff.

Hand wash

Though pillows are machine washable, most owners of copper pillows refuse to wash them this way. They have said hand cleaning the thing is even more convenient than putting it inside a machine.

It is advised to use lukewarm water and fabric softener is also off-limits. All you can use is a regular detergent, but be sure to check whether it has any fabric softener or not. Because as I have mentioned earlier, fabric softener ruins copper particles.

Hand washing is much better than a machine wash. Because while washing with hands you can find out the vulnerable spots. A machine does not or cannot do that.

Sun cleaning

Sun cleaning

There’s another way you can clean your copper pillows. You see washing a pillow is not a regular thing. We don’t wash pillows now and then. Also, water is not ideal for colluding with pillows. It can destroy the quality of the pillows. So, what you can do is leave the pillows in the sunlight for a few hours.

Sunlight not only kills bacteria and harmful things, but it also removes the smell evidently and makes the pillow fresh. So, this is a way you can apply to wash the copper pillows without having to use any water.

Final Words

It’s not enough to know the product and its uses and benefits. It’s also crucial for everyone to see the maintenance.

The only thing you have to do to maintain your copper pillow is to know precisely how to wash them. We have discussed three different ways that you can opt for. See which one suits you and apply when you deem it’s necessary.

How to Make a Sofa Bed Comfortable?

comfortable sofa bed for daily use

A warm comfy sofa is an extraordinary addition to the home which increases convenience in our day to day life. After having a hectic day, your sofa bed helps unwind yourselves and get great caliber of time. Lounging gets better with a comfortable sofa bed for daily use. It can also act as a mattress for your guest too. To make your sofa convenient, it is mandatory to make necessary arrangements. If you have plans of transfiguring sofa into bed, then you find these articles worth spending your time.

Some of the effectual tips of turning sofa bed are listed as follows.

How to Make a Sofa Bed Comfortable

• Add mattress topper

Simple and effectual way of improving comfort to your sofa and turn into sofa bed is adding mattress on the top. The extra padding will pave a way to make it easier on back and comfortable to sleep. When it comes to mattress, memory foam and down mattress are available. Depends on your convenience, you can adhere to the material of the mattress.

• Buying new mattress

Improving the comfort also depends on quality of mattress. If your old doesn’t offer such comfort, go for the newer ones. Thicker mattress is more comfortable and worth investing on it. In general, thickness is at the helms of comfort. Replacing the old and thinner mattress with new sofa bed would make a world of difference in the regime of comfort.

• Add more pillows

To increase the comfort of sofa bed, adding more pillows are worth considering. Adding more pillows becomes comfy to those who lounge on their sofa beds. Since the pillows are available in various size, understand the one which suits you the best.

• Clean sofa bed:

Sofa Bed Comfortable

When it comes to sofa bed, it is obligatory to keep it clean. It is placed in your living room and prone to the visibility of others. If there is any stains, dirt and debris, it will cause embarrassment amidst your visitor. Keeping it clean will prominent if you are lounging and sleeping regularly on the bed.

Most of the accessories necessary for making a sofa bed are lately available in online shopping market. When you commence your research online, you will start to find out the suitable products and it also widen your perception. Also get suggestion from those who are interested in sofa bed and consider it as a prized possession.

When buying everything from online, looking after its caliber is worth considering choice. The lifespan and comfort largely lie on the caliber of material. Settling down with poor caliber products wouldn’t suggested to people. Commence your research to fish out the ideas of ending up with high caliber materials. In this decade, reading online feedbacks are inevitable. Yes, incompetence shouldn’t be rewarded with blind loyalty. So, to look after the caliber of material you are buying from online, read the reviews. It is the best way to procure more insights and make a well-informed decision.

Hope this article broaden your wisdom of making a sofa bed and cherish time while lounging on it.

How to Ride a Bicycle on the Road?

giant ocr3 road bicycle

Riding a bicycle is a good thing when you take more care of your health. All the vehicle which are run on the road such as a truck, car, and buses, have the rules. Likewise, the bicycle also has the same responsibility, rules, and regulations. You should follow the traffic rules and regulations whether you are using a bicycle or car and so on. Before entering the professional ride, be confident in your ride with a bicycle. And then enter into the professional ride on the road. You should be papered whenever you ride your bike on the road. Here you can discover the basic rules of road safety. The first thing is wearing the helmet for every ride. It will be a basic and important thing which is most helpful in your every ride. It is a necessary item to protect you from unwanted injuries. Whenever you are entering to riding your bike do not forget to wear the bight clothing. You should follow all the rules and traffic regulations of the road. Stop your ride when the signal indicates a stop sign. Start your ride when the signal indicates a green color sign and lights. Learn to control your vehicle also the speed. Only ride your bike at the speed of sage that helps to react quickly on your bike. If you are riding your bike at a high speed there is less chance to control it.

How to train the kids to ride a bicycle?

How to train the kids to ride a bicycle

There is no fixed age for riding the bicycle on the road. Even a child must be able to ride the bicycle on the road. Of course, there is also the chance to ride the bicycle for the children who are interested in riding a bicycle and who are have a gut to manage the handlebar. A giant ocr3 road bicycle is the best bike to ride on the road. A good and better way to ride a bicycle is to get training using the balances bicycle at the starting stage. The balanced bicycles were having an extra wheel to balance the rider from slipping up from the bike. First start riding using the balanced, scooter, bike, or bicycle. These kinds of training will help to train your brain and sense of balance, body control, and managing ability of the vehicles. Most of the children have and love on a bicycle to ride at their small age. So, teach your kids the right guide here. The balanced scooter, bike, or bicycle are having four wheels, which is best to trains your children to balance the vehicle.

Some important techniques for ride the bicycle

Some important techniques for ride the bicycle

You keep following the minimum distance between the previous and next vehicle. Use two to three-meter distance between the vehicle. You should ride your bike on the left side. Do not use the sidewalks to ride your bike. Use horns when it is needed. Otherwise do not use it in an unnecessary situation. Move your bicycle slowly in the traffic areas. In a busy or traffic street try to move your bike in a straightway.

How To Release Muscle Tension In Back

How To Release Muscle Tension In Back

The most natural way of measuring muscle tension and relaxation is by contact, by actually sensing the difference between a tense, contracted and a soft muscle, whether you or others. You will perceive the various degrees of stress in your arm as follows. Get one hand across and grip the top of your upper arm. Boost the arm a little and tense it all. You can feel that the muscle is going tough and tight. Feel all over the arm. Feel all over the arm. Then let your arm rest next to you and experience the difference.

The muscles are soft and handfuls of flesh can be held. Now do it again, but just plan to lift it without actually moving the limb. You will experience a different degree of tension when you do this. This is the kind of contraction you make when you are alert and ready to go. Let the stress out and enjoy the contrast. You will find that your shoulder also falls and is no longer holding tight when it is soft and comfortable.

Learning by Observation

Learning by Observation

Another way to recognize stress is to watch other people walk. Look at the performers, the golfers, the singers and even someone who hits an egg or drives a car to spot the nervous and relaxed movement. Grace and ease of movement are the product of effort-consuming muscles only when required. Look for other people for tension and note tight shoulders, collar, ankles. Some people stay nervous while they sleep.

Kneel behind your partner who lies with knees bent on his back. Take your hands and raise it a little way really gently. Feel the weight. Feel the weight. If the muscles of the neck are relaxed, the head has no control. If the muscles are stressed, the tendons can be seen as the muscles raise their heads.

Relaxation Research With A Buddy

Check it out with your mates to see if they can relax their shoulder. Place one hand below the wrist and the other below the elbow. Raise the arm and it will feel heavy and limp if it is comfortable. You can drive it quickly because your companion does not support or impede your travel. If you let it go, it will slip to the side instantly. Some people will refuse or tighten their arms to give you. Others truly relax and at once you can claim this. Testing this way, even though your partner does not rest, gives you an understanding of the feeling of anxiety and relaxation and the broad range of individual differences between people. See to know more about back pain.

Learning by Contracting and Muscle Relaxation

Muscle Relaxation

Clinical psychologists, behavioral therapists and multiple calming instructors favor this method. It requires a systemic routine that strengthens everybody muscle group in turn and releases stress. All aspects of the body are involved and it takes a long time to understand and practice. These intense contractions undoubtedly help many people understand the difference between stress and relaxation, but some nervous people find it difficult to dissipate stress and afterwards actually become more stressed.

How many Calories Recommended for Weight Loss?

John Goodman Weight Loss

Obesity is never fun. People suffer from a variety of illnesses due to being overweight. And above all that, body shaming is free. So, having extra weights is more like a burden for people. So, the people who have suffered from this or are suffering from this have always wanted to know how many calories are recommended for weight loss.

In this article, we will talk about the exact figure and also establish the answers to why we have declared this number. And above all, we will discuss a celebrity suffering from obesity to motivate you that you too can go through a significant weight loss if you want.

How daily moderated calorie consumption is related to weight loss?

How daily moderated calorie consumption is related to weight loss

There’s a limit for every person of how much calories they can or should consume each day. If that amount is exceeded, it’s highly likely that those extra calories will create some excess fat in the body. And thus, you will gain the weight you never wanted to in the first place.

Yes, overeating is the fundamental reason why a person becomes overweight or obese. That’s why if you can moderate the amount of calorie consumption regularly, you will surely be able to lose that extra weight you’re carrying around.

Ideal calories consumption per day

In an ideal world, there’s a limit on how many calories you should consume per day. That differs from men to women. Women have to consume 2,000 calories, and men have to consume 2,500 calories per day to stay fit and not to gain any extra weight.

Not to gain weight a person should only eat the number of calories that the body burns each day. The number is in the ballpark of 2,000 to 2,500 calories. That’s why it’s ideal to consume 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day only.

How many calories can I consume to lose weight?

How many calories can I consume to lose weight

According to a variety of research, it was found that an average human body can burn up to 0.45 kgs each week if the calorie intake each day is less than 500 calories. In that sense, a person will lose 4.5kgs in 2 and a half months’ time span.

But that’s just only if you’re looking forward to losing weight by reducing calorie consumption. If you factor in regular exercise and other activities, the calorie consumption number can go up because then the body will burn more calories each day.

Final words

If you’re serious enough about this, I have four words for you, “John Goodman Weight Loss.”

If you are familiar with the tv show Conners, you should know who John Goodman is. John Goodman is the guy who lost 100 pounds by reducing his calorie consumption and regular training, having a personal trainer.

His trainer hooked him up with a reduction of red meat, a Mediterranean diet consisting of lots of vegetables and fruits. Also, he had to rely on olive oil for Omega-3, which improves neurological functions.

The man worked hard to lose weight. People can put a stop to this just by curbing their dietary plan by reducing calorie consumption.

The ideal thing to do is always to consume only the necessary number of calories per day. It will keep you fit and won’t make you obese.


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