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Half of our 219 guestrooms are two-room suites. We feature 71 standard deluxe, 44 king deluxe, 52 Crowne Suites (king beds) and 52 Living Suites (double/doubles).


West Palm Beach is an ideal destination to enjoy fine arts, with numerous art galleries, music groups, dance companies and theaters.


The elegant Grand Ballroom, with 5000 square feet (465 square meters) of meeting space, can accommodate up to 650 guests in a reception style setting.


The Crowne Plaza West Palm Beach is known for excellent dining.

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The Atrium Restaurant is located in our beautiful atrium and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hours of operation are 6:30am to 10:00pm. We offer a bountiful breakfast buffet daily and our lunch buffet is available Monday through Friday.

Our lobby bar, Atrium Lounge, offers your favorite beverage, appetizers and a full dinner menu in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Hours or operation are 5:00pm to 11:00pm.





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Which process is used to protect transmitted data in vpn?

Which process is used to protect transmitted data in vpn

A VPN is a great way to protect your online data transmission. That’s why it can be an excellent choice for creating a private Internet connection, as it uses end-to-end encryption to create a more secure network. A VPN is a group of computers that are linked together so they can share files and other resources from within a private network, and it can be useful in securing certain files or other pieces of electronically stored information. It’s an important thing for any business to consider, especially if there is a great deal of information being passed between members of an organization.

Creating a private internet connection with a VPN

Creating a private internet connection with a VPN

A VPN is useful if you want to connect to an open network like a hotel, restaurant, or coffee shop because you are more likely to be hacked when you are on an open Wi-Fi connection. It can add an extra layer of security, which can go a long way in keeping your information safe from online theft. These can include, but are not limited to the Files, Applications, and Printers. There may be other company resources that an employee may wish to access, and a VPN can create a private Internet connection so there is no lack of security. This setup can be useful if you have employees who do a great deal of traveling. There are many different VPN protocols, but here are a few that are commonly used.

Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is used as an “IP header” to encapsulate and encrypt any data that passes through the network, and can be used for both public-access and site-to-site VPN connections. One end is connected to a public network (such as the Internet), and the other is connected to a private network like a corporate intranet. PPTP uses “IP datagrams” to encapsulate the data, which is done over a PPP connection. The tunnel is managed with the TCP protocol, and the data can be encrypted as it passes from one end to the other.

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) is developed by Cisco Systems, L2TP uses a combination of PPTP and Layer 2 Forwarding (L2F) to encapsulate and encrypt any data being passed through the network. The advantage of this protocol is that it adds an extra layer of security at the transport level, and it incorporates the best elements of both PPTP and L2F. L2TP also uses Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), which is why it is often referred to as L2TP/IPSec by many IT professionals and network administrators.

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) is a new technology that uses the HTTPS protocol to pass traffic through firewalls and web proxies that can block PPTP and L2TP traffic. SSTP uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) channel of the HTTPS protocol to encapsulate the data, which can allow the use of stronger authentication methods. It can also allow the use of better key negotiation, encryption, and integrity checking. SSTP uses port 443 of the TCP protocol for tunnel management procedures, which is where the data can be encapsulated, encrypted, or both. To know about the privacy using VPN read more here.

How to Report elo Boosting league of legends?

How to Report elo Boosting league of legends

League of Legends is a popular game on the internet, it is a competitive game that takes a lot of skill and tactical thinking to be able to outplay your opponents. This online game is filled with terminologies, smurfing, and ganking bot. Sometimes it’s very hard to understand that phrases mean but you can find the way easier to understand everything about this game once you started to play this game. If you are playing with strategies that you may you know, then it will make more interest to play this online game and you should be aware of elo boosting term. If you have a chance to hear about the terms of elo boosting in League of Legends then you will not expose the secret of League of Legends boosting. You should get to know more about this elo boosting and the works of boosting. Some online gaming websites are providing a guide that helps you to understand everything easily about League of Legends.

Elo boosting service

Elo boosting is a service which helps to get rank of the game by boosting. Here the elo players can the authority to increase the game rank any else of the player by boosting them. The elo player gives booster access to their gaming account to fulfill the gaming service. In League of Legends has diamond and platinum booster. The players can get their account back easily by elo boosting when the booster has reached the league boost. Players of an account can play the League of Legends in their division and they have the right to decide and take this further to start the process of getting another boost. If the player that means the owner of lol account cannot log in the gaming account and even they cannot play any game in League of Legends. If you have a separate smurf account, you can play this League of Legends.

Generally, game boosting is hiring someone to run your gaming account for you and you can gain your advancements by the hired player while you are not available or you can use game boosting service. Boost Royal is the service to offer a boost to your lol account. You can buy LoL account there and they provide elo boost service at a reasonable price. It’s a new standard in the gaming world of League of Legends elo boosting services. The elo boosting service is the lowest possible at the same time this boost royal provides a high quality boosting service for their players.

Secured way of boosting

Security is more important in online service, boost royal considers the security obligation towards their customer. This gaming site is providing all the information about LoL boosting. They have the responsibility to secure the information by treating their clients confidentially, such as account names and passwords. League of Legends employee can access the information which the customer provided as the system of gaming site worked out in a technique to make this possible. Generally, the main purpose of boosting service is helping to let another player play your game and earn advancements for you.

How to Put In Earbuds With Wings?

How to Put In Earbuds With Wings

Headsets and headphones are the most famous music accessories all around the world. Worldwide majority of the people might use wired headphones only for listening to music, songs or, any other audio files. People used to listen to all kinds of music through wired headphones which make them more relax and free from tension life. Due to the advancement of technology, nowadays wireless headphones started grooming and spreading its attention in the market and grabs many users and customers to switch over to wireless headphones. The benefits of wireless headphones are slightly higher and super beneficial when compared with wired headphones.

Advantages and Benefits Of Wireless Headphones

Advantages and Benefits Of Wireless Headphones

More Convenience

  • Wireless headphones are really more convenient when compared with wire because it can be used while both the hands are busy like cooking, cleaning, walking, chopping, shopping, and so on.
  • Also the user can easily attend the receiving calls without even touching the phone or headset also do not restrict the movements.

Safety And Easy To Handle

Because of the wireless, there is no clumsiness and you can handle it very easily. You don’t find any tripping, tangles, or disturbance on wires. Also no need to worry that your small kid chew it unknowingly, so it very safe and easy to use without any fear.

Unique Headset Design

Unique Headset Design
  • The design of the wireless headphone is adorable and that is very adjustable, more comfortable, and very lightweight as well.
  • A quality headset will come with cushion in an earbud which makes to feel so soft.

Power Consumption

  • Mostly people think that wireless headphones do not require any kind of power supply, but it’s not. Not all wireless headphones suck up a huge level of battery or just ruin the mobile bacteria that the wired device is paired with.
  • But most wireless headsets specially designed to reduce battery consumption, use low power signals and cover the path for optimized power consumption

User Friendly

  • The wireless headphones are very user friendly and you can take it anywhere by just keeping it in your pocket.
  • Very comfortable to wear and capacity to give a high-quality sound with neat clarity
  • Very affordable price range in the market

Super beneficial wireless headsets are divided into 2 categories. They are mentioned below with its function

• Radio Frequency (RF) and Bluetooth

Radiofrequency (RF) headphones are used for indoor and it’s like a small radio station and they have very big capsules for your ears while Bluetooth is for outdoor and they are very small in size and mostly available in the form of small earpiece devices

  • RF headsets over Bluetooth

RF headsets are usually functioned on an inclined medium. And therefore there will be less disturbance and possible to get very better quality audio than the Bluetooth devices

Wireless Headphones For Multiple Channels

Many Bluetooth headsets and RF headsets are functioned with more than a channel. This combination can be used to change the frequency of the waves which are sent and received through the medium.

And usually, the wireless comes in 3 different designs. They are

  • Small earbuds
  • Ear pad with wings headphones
  • Full-size headphones
Wireless Headphones For Multiple Channels

Most of the people prefer full-size headphone because of its clear sound quality on any type of music. And if you need more comfortable while moving then you can go for ear pad and small ear is having both, which produce clear sound and more comfortable moving as well. So, based on the specification of the user, they can pick their own. And, you can read more here to read more reviews about the quality and price.

How to Sell the Property to a Developer?

How to Sell the Property to a Developer

Comparing Real Estate is an industry that offers a great way to compare the best property managers in your area. It helps to ensure that you can get the best deal with your new property manager, and they allow you to compare the fees of other real estate agents. You can achieve your investment goal with the right kind of comparison by the real estate experts who know all the things about real estate. Have some reasons to compare the best sales agents in real estate.

Reasons to choose the comparing real estate agents:

Reasons to choose the comparing real estate agents

 You can sell your property with lower fees so that you can get more money at the result. By this lower fee means better ROI gives a good return of your investment in selling your property.
 Every good agent has more knowledge about this and has experience in it. Industry knowledge plays a major role here to get the result in better property enquiry. It is more helpful for getting results in a higher sale price.
 The comparing process is fast and it cost you nothing, you can contact directly with agencies. They provide needed information to make a perfect assessment for a better comparison.
 Location is everything here to get the details about the area and the property, You can know the value of the property by local knowledge.
 Evaluation is a more important thing based on current trends and it’s about marketed price.
 You can get results with needed assessments guaranteed by local agents or international sales agents.

Considerations in property sale:

There are many things to consider while selling your property. It is not one steadfast route that you need to take and the choices are depends on the individual property itself. There are lots of reasons for selling your property to a developer is the main option that the owners choose. Various methods are there to sell your property but selling property online trends is increasing day by day. Most people looking for a simple and efficient way to sell the property. Real estate agents are developing their service to offer for selling property. You can use real estate agents online, it is an easy way, and they instruct you to sell your property. But you have to choose the right one to get good results. Visit this site to get more knowledge about property sales.

Proper industry to get money in selling property

Proper industry to get money in selling property:

Everyone would like to make their investment into double so that you get money in selling property by choosing a proper industry like comparing real estate. They have some advisors to clarify your doubts about real estate and you can talk with them directly. You are looking to sell your property when you have to ensure that to get a better deal with your real estate manager. When you hire the comparing real estate to sell your property, you will get more money in the result of the sale. They have experienced and industry knowledgeable agents to help you and get property enquiry by comparing it with the best sales agents.

How to get Infernal Cape OSRS

infernal cape service

An Infernal Cape is used to defend a person from fire. It is a type of fire cape and it has more bonuses. Compared to other infernal capes it has more and more benefits like protecting you from fire and give an offensive bonus for you. So it will yield twice as much. It is an old infernal cape but it is a powerful fire cape ever. The abbreviation of OSRS is Old School RuneScape(OSRS). It is an online game and multi-players can play this game. From then until today it has many updates and creates more concepts in playing. Their updates are based on the game poll. In the past few years, OSRS is the smallest development team and now it has a large team and it is one of the best multiplayer games in the gaming industry.

The gameplay:

The gameplay

This game is a multiplayer game so there are multiplayer in this game and they have their controls. And they can interact with others like objects and players. You can use the object right-click menu to know more interactive options. And it has a membership subscription to play member access. It has some modes and that are all given here. Ironman mode, Deadman mode, and Leagues. In ironman mode, the players can’t take over the objects like sold to shops, object that dropped by other players. So they cannot have access to these objects while the player is in the ironman mode. The mode is Deadman mode. In this mode, the player who killed another player then he has the permission to get the coins from the dead player and he collects the key on the dead player’s chest. If the players have the skull coins then they have permission to enter the city safely. And this is the feature of this deadman mode. Also it has a league mode. And it is a high-speed game mode like deadman mode. In this mode, it gives a feature like a deadman mode but the player is not dead also it is a trap for killing the other player. It is only visible for the pro players not for others.

The infernal cape OSRS service:

Getting an infernal cape is takes around two hours. You can get the cape only if you awarded for finishing the inferno. Because if you successfully finish the inferno then they will award you an infernal cape. It may be combined with a max cape so it is called as an infernal max cape. There are many infernal capes and that are all given here. That is, infernal cape, infernal max cape, fire cape, and also fire max cape. These are all an animated cape. The OSRS gives you one best feature that they give you an infernal cape service. In this feature, you can buy an infernal cape by pay for it. If you buy it then it will be delivered in a few minutes. So you can buy a cape by remote via.

Why do I love SEO

Why do I love SEO

The main concept of the SEO is to give better information to the user. Because without an SEO algorithm the search engine may provide information with in organic contents such as irrelevant information that the user does not want. So it makes the user irritating and the user thinks about never use the search engine. For this type of problem the SEO algorithm will be introduced. The SEO provides the information only relevant to the user’s search so it makes users use the search engine every time. This is a useful thing in using SEO search engines to search. Also the SEO helps the search engine to work better. The work of the search engine is to provide the information to their user without any interruption and find the relevant answer to them. The SEO will create the content and make relevant content to the user’s search.

So this is the work of SEO. The search engines use this SEO because if they use this SEO in their site then it will increase the rank of that site. In social media marketing, the popularity is the main thing to publish their products. Lack of popularity may lead to lose the money they invest. In many sectors using this SEO and that are all given here. Content management and social marketing, link exchanging, and website development. And these are all the sectors using this SEO. Nowadays SEO is an important thing in the marketing field. Because everyone using the internet so if they bring their product through the internet then it will be lead the people to buy it. So this is the concept of using SEO. In searching the navigation grant the user and the search engine to search for information and understand the information. And the SEO provides the convenience to the user to easily understand the content.

The reason behind why I love SEO:

The reason behind why I love SEO

Here you can find out more about SEO tools. The main reason to love the SEO is, it provides the user convenience while they search something new in the search engine. Search engine optimization is an important thing. Because it does not only increase the search engine work but it increases the experience of the user. It makes the user to trust the search engine they visit. If it has a high position for keyword searching then it will increase the website’s trust. So this is the important goal of SEO. Nowadays every social marketing people seem to be focus on the SEO. Because they know the internet strategy and how to sell a product on the internet. So still the SEO is more important than others. There are some tools to use SEO. That is all given here. This SEO tools make the websites to improve their site number one. The first tool is the keyword. Keyword analysis is the process of finding the relevant keyword to the users search. There is a keyword planner to do that. Then the website content. It has the content with the relevant keyword which matches the user’s search.

What Happens if Straighten your Hair Every Day?

What Happens if Straighten your Hair Every Day

Everywoman likes to have beautiful hair. Hair is the reflection of a beautiful face. Having healthy and beautiful hair gives you more self-confidence and attention. In order to protect and to grow hair, people are following many things and some people spending a lot of money also. Women always wish to have shiny and silky hair in nature, but it only depends on the type of hair the individual has. Women with curly hair in nature mostly like to have straightened their hair. Straight hair looks good and easy to manage as well.

Benefits of straight hair

Benefits of straight hair

If your hair is straight and shiny, it looks adorable and it can be easily cleaned and maintained as well. Most of the girls’ dream is like to have long and straight hair only. If your hair is straight, it looks so frizzy and beautiful. Nowadays it is very simple and easy to straighten your hair. There are many methods are available to make hair straightening which is either temporary or permanent. Based on your need and wish you can select the method. But make sure it shouldn’t cause any damage to your hair.

An Effective method to straighten your hair

An Effective method to straighten your hair

• If you have a hair straightener in your home, then you can do it by yourself and it is not necessary to rush the beauty parlor. But buying a good and selective hair straightener is the most important thing. There are many straighteners are available in the market in different brand names. Usually,straighteners come with different kinds of plate materials with different sizes. It is necessary to follow some tips and suggestions before buying a straightener.

• The straightener which you are buying should be made up of tourmaline and ceramic materials. Because these materials produce negative ions when heated and if it reacts with hair it causes a positive charge to your hair and it is very good for your hair.

• Temperature adjustment is the next important one. It should be adjusted with the temperatures based on the heat you need for your hair. If you have thick and dense hair, you can keep high temperatures to use and vice versa. But it always suggested using low temperature in order to avoid the damage causing on your hair.

• Next, you need to check the plate size of the hair straightenerif your hair is long you can use wide size or else thinner size for vice versa.

How to use a hair straightener?

Your hair should be dry and clean once you start to straighten. If it is wet, your hair would get damaged if you do straighten. By separating your hair in small partitions in a low heat you can do for best results. But it is not necessary to do hair straighten everyday which causes damage to your hair. For more information about hair straightening and other beauty products, you can visit and you can get all the details over there.

What Can A UV Sanitizer Sanitize?

What Can A UV Sanitizer Sanitize?

The best UV sanitizer sanities the air and the atmosphere. It is used to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria in the indoor of the house. Everyone would like to keep the home clean and infecting agents free. That is our duty to clean our surrounding and make the place hygiene. Children and older people have less immunity system so they can be easily affected by the virus, bacteria, and germs present in the house. Some of them are harmful and cause severe infection to the human. To avoid such a situation we have to get the best disinfectant to protect our home from germs. The UV lamp sanitizer is the newly launched product in the market which can perform well to sanitize the surrounding and remove germs, virus, bacteria, and all other microorganisms in the house. The experts suggest this product to keep the atmosphere clean and hygiene.

Aspects of the UV Sanitizer

Aspects of the UV Sanitizer

The UV sanitizer which kills the germs and microorganism using the ultraviolet rays. This UV lamp sanitizer can be used for cleaning purposes. The lamp is on it purifies the environment and the radiation. It does not cause any harmful effects on the health and the surrounding. You should not enter into the room when the sanitizer is in the cleaning process and you should not come in direct contact with the UV sanitizer. After completing the work it gets switch off the device then later you can enter the room without any problem. This sterilizer x is manufacture for the purpose to kill the microorganism like a virus, bacteria, and other kinds of germ. So everyone should buy the lamp disinfectant product for your home and properly make use of it.

How Does It Sterilize The Atmosphere?

The sterilize x is specially designed to keep the atmosphere free from the microorganism. It helps to sanities every space in the room and it can able to remove the bacteria and virus in the hidden areas. Commonly in the virus and bacteria are found in the household things like our mattress, curtains, washbasin, and toilet. It can be also found anywhere of the house and you have to eliminate all such microorganisms and protect your home. This UV disinfectant lamp plays a major role to safeguard your family and home from viruses and bacteria. This product is available in an online store and you can buy the UV sanitizer from it at affordable prices. You can read more here on the website for more information about the product and know the features before buying it. You can get the product detail and working principle in the website.

How To Use The UV Sanitizer

How To Use The UV Sanitizer

This sterilization lamps heavily fight against the virus and the bacteria. When you came from outside accidentally you have brought some germs along with you without your knowledge. In that condition, the UV lamp light disinfectant does its work perfectly and protect your atmosphere. It can also be used in some laboratories and hospitals to sanitize the atmosphere and to kill the germs found in the surroundings. You can buy the UV lamp light sterilizer directly from the manufacturing unit. By this, you can ensure that you can get the original quality product from the company. They also provide the user manual and guidance to use the UV lamp light safely. The product will reach you within a few days of ordering and you can choose the payment method in it. They also provide some offers and discount to the buyers with affordable prices e you can get the quality product.

Why Is Microsoft Word Not Opening?

WhyWhy Is Microsoft Word Not Opening-Is-Microsoft-Word-Not-Opening

Microsoft word is the most essential and most used application of Microsoft that allows the users to write, create, copy, paste, view, save, edit, print, and share the documents. For college students, it is widely used to create projects, documents, letters, articles, thesis, or some feasibility studies. And for business people, MS word is used for maintaining a report, business documents, or any other business-related files. And it is the most comfortable and convenient application which helps to revise or review if any corrections need to be done in the word document.

How to Fix Microsoft Word Hanging Problems?

How to Fix Microsoft Word Hanging Problems

If your word document keeps on giving you trouble when you open or try to edit then it will be really irritating to work. There are some effective solutions are available to fix and clear the problem. Before you begin to work out for the solution, it is necessary to find out the root cause of the issue. Some of the possible causes are:

• Error during installation of MS word

• Any kind of damage or minor issue to MS office settings

• Check whether any third party presence add-ins in the word program

• While editing the word document, software conflicts in the windows can completely affect the entire application

• Any malware attack of the program, the existence of some corrupted sectors in the file where documents and word program are stored

It will be easy to find out the correct solution if we know the root cause of the issue. If your word is hanging by any of the above reasons, then you need to read more here to follow some instructions in order to clear out the issue immediately.

Method 1:

In Microsoft office try to disable COM Add-ins. This is done in the following way

Press Windows button + R keys and type: winword.exe/a then press Enter to open Microsoft Word without any plugins. Then click File, then Options and “Add-ins”. After that press “manage” and pick COM add-ins and then press “GO” to uncheck the challenging ones and confirm it by clicking “OK”. Then you can restart and check whether your issue has been resolved or not.

Method 2:

Repair MS office installation

The repair can be done in two options manual repair and use a third-party tool for repair. You can select any one option and repair your word.

Repair MS office installation

In manual repair, the steps starts with opening control panel, press “programs and feature” and pick your MS office. Then press change in the menu, then click repair and continue. If you have newer versions of MS office, select quick repair or online repair to repair the word. Once the repair is done, you can restart your computer and check whether your word is ready to work.

By using a third party tool, you can do by checking office repair or word repair tool online and you will get many tools to repair your Microsoft word and once finished you can restart and check your word is ready.

Why Choose Senepol Cattle For Profitability?

Why Choose Senepol Cattle For Profitability

If you want to increase your profitability as the farmer then the reduction in costs and an increase in productivity per animal are some important things that you can consider to increase your profitability. If you want to add more value to your property then it is beneficial for you to bring Senepol bull on your farm. It is generally very easy to manage Senepol cattle on your farm and it can also help to increase the profitability by increasing the meat and milk production.

As you know, producing beef on your farm is one of the most effective ways that need proper consideration because you need to choose the right cattle for your farm. It is important for you to inspect every aspect of your farm and methods so that you can ensure the best possible outcomes and profit by making the right decision. In order to increase your profitability, it is important for you to choose the Senepol cattle that are known as the best milk and meat production cattle. There are a lot of cattle that are available today and you have to make the right decision by choosing the one best among them that suits well with your needs and helps you to generate more profit.

By choosing Senepol cattle, you can keep your costs down because it is very easy to manage these cattle and they have natural polled that reduces several accidents on the farm. Apart from this, Senepol cattle have the heat tolerance and insect resistant ability that can have several benefits for you as the farmer. Senepol cattle are mostly used for meat production and also known for producing tender beef. This breed is also good for milk production that makes it a better choice for any farmer.

Are you wondering to know what breed is a senepol? The Senepol breed was developed on the Caribbean Island of the St. Croix. For a long time, it was thought that the Senepol breed was originated from the crosses in between the Red Poll cattle and N’Dama cattle that were imported in the 19th century. But in reality, Senepol cattle are an admixed breed between zebu and European taurine. The genetic characterization of Senepol Cattle contains the crosses between European taurine along with little influence of zebu. At present, the Seenpol breed is available in lots of countries all around the world. As it is very easy to manage the Senepol cattle, most of the farmers in Mexico, Australia, and America prefer to choose Senepol cattle for their farm. The Senepol cattle are also efficient in the production of milk and beef that make a profitable choice for the farmer.

good quality of tenderness

The Senepol beef contains good quality of tenderness and you can access a lot of websites like from where you can buy Senepol beef. You can also access the online platform to gather more information about the Senepol cattle in a comfortable and convenient way. Nowadays, you can also visit the site like and able to get to know how Senepol cattle can helps to increase your profitability.


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