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How Fast can Humans run 100 Meters to Marathon: What is Speed of World’s Fastest Man or Woman and of Average People

How Fast can Humans run 100 Meters to Marathon

Every four years the winners of the Olympic gold medals in the 100 meter runs are unofficially crowned as the world’s fastest man and woman. How fast can they run? How fast can the winners of longer races and average runners run?

How to Calculate Average Speed

How to Calculate Average Speed

To calculate the average speed of anything physicists divide the total distance by the time it takes to travel that distance. The formula is:

average speed = distance/time.

People often use the words speed and velocity interchangeably, but in physics they have different meanings. Velocity includes direction; speed does not.

To find the average speed someone runs in a race, divide the length of the race by the time required to complete the race. The appropriate speed unit will be the distance unit per the time unit. If the distance is in meters and the time is in second, the speed is in meters per second, which can be converted to miles per hour.

World’s Fastest Man or Woman

According to the Olympics website, both the world and Olympic record in the 100 meter dash was set for men by Usain Bolt in the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a time of 9.69 seconds. Dividing the distance by the time gives an average speed of 10.3 meters/second. Multiplying this speed by 3,600 seconds in an hour and dividing by 1,609 meters in a mile gives his average speed as 23.1 miles/hour.

Florence Griffith Joyner set the women’s 100 meter Olympic record in the 1988 Seoul Olympics at 10.62 seconds, however she set the world record two months earlier in Indianapolis at 10.49 seconds. She ran her world record at an average speed of 9.53 meters/second or 21.3 miles/hour.

These speeds are impressive, but not sustainable. What speeds can people sustain over long distances?

World’s Fastest Marathons

Haile Gebrselassie set the men’s marathon world record at the 2008 Berlin marathon. He ran the 26.2 mile distance in 2 hours 3 minutes 59 seconds. His average running speed for this distance was 5.67 meters/second or 12.7 miles/hour.

Paula Radcliffe set the women’s world marathon record at the 2003 London marathon, when she ran the marathon in 2 hour 15 minutes 25 seconds. She ran the 26.2 miles at an average speed of 5.19 meters/second or 11.6 miles/hour.

Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

To get an idea of human speeds sustainable for even longer distances, look at the results of the Western States 100. This endurance race is a 100.2 mile run in the Sierra mountains of California. Runners battle cold, heat, mountains, and distance to complete this race, click here.

Scott Jurec set the men’s record in 2004 by running the 100.2 miles in 15 hours 36 minutes 27 seconds. Ann Trason set the women’s record with a time of 17 hours 37 minutes 51 seconds in 1994. Jurek’s average speed was 6.4 miles/hour and Trason’s was 5.7 miles/hour. Ordinary humans can attain these speeds but few can sustain them for 100 miles.

Speeds for Average Humans

The above speed records are impressive and of course represent the fastest people on Earth. How fast is the average person? More typical marathon times of 3, 4, 5, or 6 hours require average speeds of 8.7, 6.6, 5.2, or 4.4 miles/hour. The Western States 100 has a 30 hour time limit which requires running at an average speed of 3.3 miles/hour for 100 miles.

With proper training people can run at impressive speeds for sustained distances.



New World Record

After this article was published, the author learned that Bolt broke his own record. On August 16, 2009, running in the Berlin stadium made famous by Jesse Owens in 1936, Bolt ran the 100 meter distance in 9.58 seconds. His average speed was 10.44 meters/second or 23.36 miles/hour.

Another New World Record

On August 20, 2009, Bolt followed up with a world record at 200 meters at 19.19 seconds. His average speed of 10.42 meters/second = 23.32 miles/hour was only a little slower than for his 100 meter record.

Product Review: Forearm Forklift Moving Straps

Forearm Forklift Moving Straps

Lately, I have been rearranging the furniture in my home but have found that a lot of the pieces are too heavy for two of us to comfortably pick up and move. I purchased the Forearm Forklift Moving Straps for $17 from QVC and they have been a huge help. I am sure I will continue to use them for a long time.

Forklift Moving

These straps are designed to help you lift furniture, appliances, and large items. They say they can hold items up to 600 pounds. I was a little skeptical about how simply putting these straps under something heavy would make it so much easier to lift, but after watching them do it on television I decided to give them a shot.

These moving straps replace the dolly casters that you used to need to move heavy objects. The casters left scratches on wood and tile floor but I do not have that problem anymore. The straps also help to stabilize whatever you are carrying so you can move through doorways without the object tipping and denting the door frame.

The straps encourage proper lifting technique. I have lifted dressers, armoires, and a refrigerator with a partner and not felt any strain on my back. They help you to do jobs that you otherwise may have had to hire expensive movers to do, find more here.


To use the straps, you simply lay one on each side of the object you want to move. Then you tip the object up and kick the strap underneath. Crossing the straps in an X makes sure that they will not slip out from under whatever you are carrying. Make sure to do this so you don’t end up with a broken toe. Each person grabs the ends of their two straps with one in each hand. You then slip your arms through the appropriate loop for your height and slide it down so that it is touching the crease of your elbow. This leaves your hands free to help stabilize whatever you are carrying. Straighten your legs and the object will come up with you.

As you can see, they are fairly simple to use. It only takes us a minute or so to get something set up to lift. I am very pleased with how well they work. I have been able to move many things around my house that I would never have been able to do without the moving straps.

Introduction to Nootropics

Introduction to Nootropics

Nootropics, from Greek, meaning “mind-towards” or in our day to day terms, mind enhancers or “smart drugs” are a new constellation forming in the universe of drugs. We’ve always been told that drugs are bad, but every American at least once in his lifetime has used a drug. Whether it’s the prescription drugs the doctor gives you, the weed you smoked in high school, the bourbon on the rocks, or the pack of cigarettes that gets you by each day at work, we’ve all used drugs. What are these so called “mind enhancers”? Who uses them? What are their effects? Are they available to the public? Are they legal, safe, ethical? Two of these smart drugs are common to most of us, like caffeine and nicotine, others like ephedrine, amphetamines, and piracetam are hardly known about except by certain groups of people.


About 90% of Americans consume caffeine daily and the majority not once, but couple times a day. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, soda, and in energy drinks. As a stimulant, caffeine awakens the user, speeds him up, and like a car-wash for his mind; helps him think clearer. Students can be seen at the local Starbucks enjoying their cup of coffee while studying, professionals will drink their coffee in the car, and senior citizens will enjoy it slowly in the morning. The benefits are obvious, the question that arises concerning those seeking super-human thinking abilities is, how much is enough? Most doctors will argue that 300mg is the healthy choice, but everybody’s body is different. According to Dr. Jonathan Geiger from the University of North Dakota, “Caffeine is a safe and readily available drug and its ability to stabilize the blood brain barrier means it could have an important part to play in therapies against neurological disorders”, Dr. Geiger’s comments came after studies that linked the daily use of caffeine to the prevention of Alzheimer. Caffeine has proven to be a safe “smart drug” and with potential health benefits in the long term.

When we hear the term nicotine, the image of a cigarette comes into our minds and along with it a whole bunch of health warnings by the medical authorities. What most “authorities” ignore and hide is that nicotine by itself is a mind enhancer. Nicotine users experience similar effects to those of caffeine, mainly because like caffeine, nicotine is a stimulant. British researchers are even exploring the idea of creating a new nicotine pill to help dementia patients. One of the leading researchers, Professor Stolerman said that “Nicotine….has many multiple effects, some of which are harmful, whereas others may be beneficial”.

Ephedrine has been known to bodybuilders and athletes as the wonder pill for diets and cutting down body fat until the FDA made it a controlled substance breaking one of the core nutrients of the fitness world. Unlike in the US, in Europe ephedrine is really popular in smart shops, stores that sell smart drugs and psychoactive products such as mushrooms and mescaline-containing cactuses. Ephedrine is the main ingredient in most of the health supplements sold in smart shops for students, businessmen and white collar workers for better concentration, improved memory, and more energy. Ephedrine is similar to amphetamines in its effect, which might be great at the time, but dependency is a problem and addiction becomes stronger with constant use.

A miracle pill has risen in college campuses across the nation, the blue pill. Not Viagra, rather Adderall, an amphetamine prescribed for ADHD sufferers. Adderall has become more popular than any other drug during examinations and the hard last weeks of semesters. Students are referring to it as their new best friend. No more need for study groups, take a pill and you’ll be fine for the rest of the night. According to a student “I stayed up all night…and totally zoned in”. The FDA has classified Adderall along with cocaine, opium and other hardcore top shelf drugs to prevent its abuse, but numbers show that in top campuses, Adderall use is at a high 25%. According to the students, the worst part of Adderall is not its availability (they need an ADHD drug dealer) but rather its withdrawal symptoms. Responsible use would prevent the symptoms, but like most drugs, users are irresponsible and lack information. Adderall might help during exams, but not the day after.

Caffeine, nicotine, ephedrine and amphetamines are all used to improve the intellect, but their main uses are others and most times, the agility, stamina, improved concentrations and other benefits come as a side effect rather than the main effect. But as we explore this unexplored world of mind enhancers and smart drugs, we will find another drug named Piracetam. This supplement, unlike its counterparts, is completely safe and if there are any side effects, they’re minimal. Piracetam acts by increasing the blood flow to the brain, and hence causing greater memory, ability, stamina etc. Piracetam has started to grow in popularity recently, since little is known about it, only a few number of students have gone in the search for it. One of these students recorded his experience on a popular video sharing website, day by day and describing the effects. He reported to have increased his work efficiency, being able to finish all his homework which seemed impossible before, he also claimed to be able to work and edit four videos a day in comparison to one before the use of Piracetam. Several studies confirm the benefits, but there has only been done a minimal amount of research. What is for sure is that Piracetam has a great future for it and those who have used it, will keep using it.

If we search online for nootropic drink we will find dozens of supplements, millions of herbs, and little or no research to confirm it. What is certainly true is that some of the drugs categorized “smart” are used every day, and others have just been discovered while hundreds wait to be found. Students will find ways to get the drugs as hard as it takes for an easier study session as material grows, entertainment grows, and time shrinks. Whether it’s at the gas station, the coffee shop, or an online retailer, smart drugs are available and as Fortune claimed there is a great future awaiting for the smart drugs market. Whether these drugs continue to be legal depends on the future research. The biggest question is what will the effects of a smarter society be? Is it cheating? After all, smart is not popular, and let’s hope it stays that way. For those of us who we like to explore, let’s get our degrees in chemistry and do some researching on Nootropics!

5 Alphabet Road Trip Car Games for Kids

5 Alphabet Road Trip Car Games for Kids

The Basic Rules for Playing the Kid-friendly, Board-less Alphabet Game

When your family vacation is a road trip, keeping your children entertained on those long, lonesome stretches of road can be a challenge. One easy way to keep the kids entertained is by playing some variation of an alphabet game.

The most basic version of the alphabet game has everyone looking out for store signs, street signs, billboards and other types of signs that contain a word that starts with the letter A. The first person to spot the “A” word can then look for a word that begins with “B”. The other kids can not use the same word and have to search for their own word that begin with “A”. The goal of the game is to make your way through the entire alphabet with the first person finding a “Z” word the winner of the game.

This simple alphabet games works well for road trips that take you through big cities and densely populated communities. But what about families who are driving through remote areas with hardly any signs at all? To solve this problem, our family came up with four variations of the alphabet game. Here they are.

Trip Car Game

Alphabet license plates
All cars and trucks have license plates and most of them have a least one or two letters if not more. In areas where finding signs is impossible, then searching for letters on license plates is the next best thing.

Object alphabet
Object alphabet means rather than looking for letters on the roadside, we look for objects that start with the letters of the alphabet. The same game rules apply with one exemption; since it’s practically impossible to find an object that starts with a X, Y or a Z unless you happen to be driving past a zoo, the winner of the game is the child who makes it to the letter “W” first.

Upside down alphabet
Another fun variation that’s popular with older kids is what we call the upside down alphabet. The first player starts the game by finding an “A” word on a sign or billboard. The next child’s word has to begin with the last letter of the previous word. For example, if the first word is “Albuquerque”, then the next word has to start with the letter “E”. The winner is the last person who successfully finds a word.

Inside alphabet

Inside alphabet
Anyone who has ever driven through parts of central Oregon can attest that there is little material for making an alphabet game. For routes that have no signs, no objects (except for sage brush and fences), and no traffic, the inside alphabet means looking inside the car for things that will work. We stretch the rules here to include both words and objects to make this alphabet game work.

Taking a road trip with kids often means tapping into your brain to come up with an activity to help pass the time. Alphabet games like these are a fun way to keep the kids busy for an hour or so.

Brief Greenpeace History: Environmental Issues & Activism

Environmental Issues & Activism

In 1971, twelve activists sailed in an old fishing boat from Vancouver, Canada, to protest the U.S. nuclear test at Amchitka, an island off the coast of Alaska. Their first environmental mission was to call attention to the dangers which they list on the Greenpeace website as an earthquake zone, home of endangered sea otters, falcons, and bald eagles. They were arrested by the U.S. Coastguard and escorted back to Alaska. Since their first campaign the history of their activism efforts fall under eight broad categories see more.

From Effects of Global Warming to Genetic Engineering

From Effects of Global Warming to Genetic Engineering
  • Stop causes of global warming, and switch from nuclear and fossil fuels to clean renewable energy.
  • Defend oceans and ocean life from pollution, the harvesting of endangered species, damaging underwater sounds, and other threats.
  • Protect the ancient forests, and the plants and animals that inhabit them.
  • Support peace and disarmament.
  • Stop genetic experimentation and support bio-diversity of the world’s food supply.
  • Stop using toxic chemicals that threaten humans and the environment.
  • Reverse the nuclear age by stopping expansion of nuclear power by shutting down nuclear plants.
  • Eliminate trade practices that are detrimental to peace, individual welfare, and support sustainable trade.

Greenpeace History Author

The October 15, 2008 issue of The Utne Reader published an article by Rex Weyler, Waves of Compassion: The founding of Greenpeace. Where are they now?” Mr. Weyler is the author of the book, Greenpeace: How a Group of Ecologists, Journalists, and Visionaries Changed the World, published by Raincoast Books in September, 2004. He is the editor-at-large for Shared Vision magazine and Dragonfly Media.

Waves of Compassion is a firsthand, personal story about the founders of Greenpeace, as Mr. Weyler sailed with Greenpeace members on their first “save the whales mission,” in 1975.

Defending Clean Energy

Defending Clean Energy

John Vidal, environment editor for the Guardian newspaper, London, England, wrote an article published in the Guardian on September 11, 2008, reporting that on this day six United Kingdom Greenpeace members were found not guilty, by the Crown Court jury for trying, in 2007, to shut down a coal-fired power station in Kent. He reported that they climbed up the chimney and painted the Prime Minister’s name on the side. The jury found them innocent due to trying to defend a property of more value – the damage caused by global warming.

Commenting on the decision, Mr. Vidal wrote, “When 12 normal people [the jury] say it is legitimate for a direct action group to shut down a coal-fired power station because of harm it does to our planet…where does that leave the government energy policy?”

The author anonymous on the site, on 9/11/2008, published an article titled, “Greenpeace Guilty of Criminal Disingenuousness”. The site publishes articles commenting on current events. They said concerning the Greenpeace chimney event not guilty verdict “…costly damage was caused to a chimney stack…logical consequence of this verdict is that other protesters can take the law into their own hands…represents a challenge to democracy…” Greenpeace is an international environmental organization. Members worldwide are engaging in environmental protests to encourage fair international trade, bring the “nuclear age” to a halt, eliminate the use of chemicals toxic to humans and other living things, stop all harmful genetic engineering, support for peace and disarmament, protect ancient forests, protect oceans and ocean life, and stop causes of global warming by switching to clean energy.

AQUA CHI – the Detox Foot Bath

AQUA CHI Detox Foot Bath

Detoxify Your Body from Home

The AQUA CHI Detox Foot Bath is a water detoxification system that uses a machine with brass and stainless steel electrodes to create a frequency in a “foot bath” sending the current through your feet. This “current” then goes into your body and allows it to purge itself of toxins. The science, or theory, behind The AQUA CHI, is that the frequency sent through you, realigns your body’s energy field and allows oxygen into your cells, thus, allowing your body to release toxic build up and visit here:

Like the majority of natural healing practices, The AQUA CHI is not recognized by the FDA as a legitimate mainstream medical treatment. You can however, find it offered in many Chiropractic, and Alternative Minded doctor’s offices. I can only say that it has been a lifesaver for me. I purchased my own AQUA CHI in December of 2003. For me, this machine has been an important factor in my own health. One major thing it has done, is help me remove Toxic Heavy Metals from my system. After a foot bath, I can literally see the metals I have released in the water. Also, I suffer from several immune system disorders, one of them being Lyme’s Disease, which causes severe pain in my joints and muscles. When i feel like i am in about to explode from stiffness, i will do an AQUA CHI Foot Bath, and feel relief immediately, as it is literally helping me release build up from my cells. In general, just doing a foot bath helps my “sick and tired” feelings subside a little from head to toe. I constantly tell others, that this is the best investment i have ever made.

Detox Foot Bath

A lot of people may be weary of natural healing practices such as The AQUA CHI, but i testify, that alternative medicine is where i find all of my answers medically. We are sometimes lead to believe, that if it is not recognized by mainstream medicine, that it is a scam, or even something we should be afraid to try. If a product is not FDA approved, it does not actually mean that it is dangerous or that it doesn’t work. It could simply mean that the FDA cannot create an ongoing prescription and make money from it. I proudly support energy and frequency medicine because it is what is actually working in my own life. And though most alternative healing methods are “processes” that can take time, i constantly remind myself that it took my body over a decade to get sick, therefore, undoing the damage can take time, also. I truly believe that actual healing comes from a process anyways…mind, body, and spirit.

Toxins and Our Environment: Simple Things to Reduce Toxins in Our Lives

Toxins and Our Environment

I care about my family and friends. I care about nature, living a greener life, the environment around me and my loved ones

I have been reading a lot about the toxins that are put in our food, water, air and even toiletries. There is an amazing amount of chemicals put in all of our surroundings. After reading several books I have compiled a list, of what i perceive to be toxins. I use it everyday to do my best to avoid these toxins. I am a toxin fanatic. Everywhere I go I point out to people potential toxins they have in their surroundings. Some say that this is like a new BIBLE for me. I say it is a new and improved way of life.

Simple Things to Reduce Toxins in Our Lives

These are just a few of the things that I have done to improve my life and the well being of my small children. I have thrown my microwave OUT! There is too much evidence that they are harmful to you and may be the cause of some types of cancers. No thank you! I no longer buy ANYTHING with monosodiumglutamate (MSG), high fructose corn syrup (what happened to good old SUGAR), hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils of any kind or saccharin in it. I grow my own food and purchase what I can not grow from ORGANICALLY GROWN companies. When I do buy at the store I read every single ingredient in everything. This includes shampoos, conditioners, lotions, sunscreens and body soaps, visit here.

I do my best to read as much as I can about herbs and their natural healing powers. I grow my own herbs for their healing qualities and for the process of preparing Home Cooked meals. I make my own teas with these herbs for my and my families ailments. I do not believe in sciences ability to recreate what nature produces.

Toxins Environment

I believe that if we were all to go back to the literal ‘bare necessities’ of life, of living with nature as a whole, we all could make a impact on our environments. If we all banned together to stop the sales of processed food products we could have an impact on the health and well being of everyone.

But, I know that these changes would cut deep into the pockets of the companies who feed off of us. I wonder how they plan to survive when they have no more of us to feed off of.

The Need For Link Building

The Need For Link Building

The necessity for link building has become extremely widespread amongst many groups, businesses and organizations that are looking to be prosperous and competitive in today’s business world. For individuals who are unaware, link building is the process of using numerous one way links which lead to a particular site. Generally, the procedure of link building is carried out through directories, indexing and other blogs and content writings which are spread on the Web. Link building achieves several things for a website, like raising traffic to a website and improving the authority of the website in leading search engine rankings. By having an idea of the link building process and what it does for a website it’s very apparent why it’s so necessary for today’s organizations, groups and businesses.

Link Building

As one can discern, the Internet is not a key contributor and impact on business transactions. Quite often, the web can be a primary determinant of a business’ success or failure. Essentially, that is so because consumers these days shop online or search online for various items they want and services they need to obtain. Thus, companies with the biggest existence on the Internet are the most successful since the most prospective customers end up stumbling on their websites as they are looking for what they are searching for. Link building, as already explained before, increases a business’ existence on the Internet and helps increase a specific website’s positioning with the leading search engines like yahoo. Eventually, businesses are discovering the vital need for link building to be able to improve their business’ visibility on the Internet and remain successful in today’s Web market place.

Link building is often quite convoluted to a lot of people. As mentioned earlier on, link building is the procedure of developing backlinks which direct to a particular site. This is done through content generation procedures, as well as other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods. When a organization purchases various link building services, a lot of hyperlinks are going to be built that time to the business’s website.

This will ultimately allow the business’s website to be positioned higher in the leading search engines like google. Since the site shows up higher on the big search engines like google, a lot more potential customers will check out the site and the organization will get more business. As the company gets more business, it’ll remain competitive in the modern business marketplace. It’s very obvious to see the bond between link building and a company’s success.

As increasing number of companies are realizing the benefits of link building, link building services are getting to be increasingly popular. Getting a link building service is relatively easy. The best approach to take about finding a reputable link building service is to search online. Most link building services offer assistance online, which means that one does not actually go to the office of the link building company. This helps to boost the efficiency and convenience of the Miami seo. With numerous businesses, groups and organizations realizing the advantages of link building services, there is no doubt that there could be more competition in the web marketplace.

Feng Shui Aquarium – a Fish Tank for Wealth

Feng Shui Aquarium

According to the teaching of Feng Shui, one of the most effective and cheapest ways of attracting wealth is using symbols of water, such as an aquarium with fish, for instance. An aquarium fish tank is a rather universal thing that will look well in any premises and attract luck in financial affairs at the same time. Fish is a symbol of development and success of any business. Aquarium fish will make its owner stronger and more persistent.

Feng Shui Aquarium and Fish for Attracting Wealth

Feng Shui Aquarium and Fish for Attracting Wealth

It doesn’t matter what kind of fish you prefer. The major rule is that there should not be too many of them, since any excess leads to bad fortune instead of luck. Therefore, the fish tank should not be huge. Make sure its size is adequate and fits well into the overall design of the home.

A great option is to have a tank with a golden fish. The Chinese traditionally prefer the specie to be an arowana (Osteoglossum Ferreira). This fish is believed to be especially effective in Feng Shui. However, arowana is not the simplest and cheapest option. First of all, Osteoglossum Ferreira is not that easy to find. Secondly, a juvenile fish might cost $249.99 while an adult specie – $299.99. (

Therefore, ordinary golden fish are sure to become a much easier and cheaper to get solution.

The Number of Lucky Feng Shui Fishes

The Number of Lucky Feng Shui Fishes

Feng Shui recommends that at home such fish are to be kept either each separately or in groups of 5 or 9 fishes. Furthermore, the number of fishes in the tank has a symbolical meaning.

  • 3 fishes symbolize growth and development
  • 6 fishes symbolize wealth and prosperity
  • 8 fishes mean money and financial stability
  • 9 fishes are a symbol of long life

Feng Shui practitioners usually recommend keeping together 8 golden and 1 black fish. While golden fish will be attracting wealth, the black one will be protecting from the negative via absorbing all the negative energy. The black fish is believed to gather all the negative influences from the house. Therefore, if the black fish dies, it means that the family or the owner has avoided some serious problems. In such a case the black fish should be immediately replaced by a new and healthy one. Feng Shui considers fish to be a symbol of wealth and wellbeing. Therefore, in order to attract luck in financial affairs, locate an aquarium fish tank in Feng Shui wealth (south-east) area of the house or the room. In addition, make sure the water in the tank or bowl is always fresh and clean. Following these Feng Shui tips will help you to both activate Feng Shui wealth area and make the premises nicer having decorated it with a beautiful spot of nature.

How Do I Know If My Smartwatch is Charging?

How Do I Know If My Smartwatch is Charging

Charging your smartwatch for the first time might be quite interesting. It is because you might want to notice how long it will take for you to completely charge it.

There are different types of things that everyone wants to try out with their new gadget and it can be quite interesting.

If you want to understand how you can find different ways by which you will learn that your smartwatches starting, you can find it quite easy to use.

It’s quite similar to your smartphone and you can find various similarities between a smartwatch in the smartphone.

So you won’t have to worry about anything. If you are quite comfortable in using the smartphone, you can easily find a smartwatch to be quite easy.

Check If The Light Indicator Is Showing A Connection

Check If The Light Indicator Is Showing A Connection

Most of the modern smartwatches come with a light indicator. These indicators help in showing the phone is charging or not. You can see the indicator turns on as soon as you turn the power on to ensure that can check if it’s charging or not.

It is one of the ways by which you can constantly check if your device is fully charged or not. Such things will help ensure that you can learn when the device is charged. You should look for such a smartwatch to ensure that you can get the convenience of charging it properly.

Watch For The Lightning Bolt On The Watch Screen

Nowadays you can find that most smartwatches come with the inbuilt feature. When you plug in the charger you will see that there is a lightning bolt signal which is which appeared appears near the battery signal. You can read more here to find all the details.

This will help in showing that the phone is getting the electrical signal so it is charging properly. It is one of the ways by which you will learn whether your smartwatch is charging or not.

This way you won’t have to look for a smartwatch that comes with an indicator. So, this is the second method that will be helpful.

Search for the Circle Indicator for Charging Percentage

Nowadays you can find that there is a circle indicator near the charging percentage. When you put in the blog you will see that on the lock screen of the smartwatch there will be a battery percentage.

It will help in showing that the smartwatches charging and it is currently being the power to a specific level. This way you can easily utilize the smartwatch without any worries.

What To Do If None Of These Signs Are Visible?

What To Do If None Of These Signs Are Visible

if you don’t see any of these signals when you put in the charging cable then you have to first look for an alternative cable for supper how to understand whether the year is any fault in the wiring of the charger or not.

If it still does not work then you can read more here and get in touch with the manufacture and look for any issues with the charging port in your smartwatch. The experts can easily help in providing you some troubleshooting options to ensure that you can get rid of the issue.

These are some of the things which you can look for in a smartwatch to learn whether it is charging not. Such things will help ensure that you can continue to use your smartwatch without any major problems. When your smartwatch is fully charged, you can remove the cable and ensure that you can keep utilizing it to get the best results. Everything will be convenient so you can enjoy much better results while using the best smartwatch with all the latest features.


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