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AQUA CHI – the Detox Foot Bath

Detoxify Your Body from Home

The AQUA CHI Detox Foot Bath is a water detoxification system that uses a machine with brass and stainless steel electrodes to create a frequency in a “foot bath” sending the current through your feet. This “current” then goes into your body and allows it to purge itself of toxins. The science, or theory, behind The AQUA CHI, is that the frequency sent through you, realigns your body’s energy field and allows oxygen into your cells, thus, allowing your body to release toxic build up and visit here:

Like the majority of natural healing practices, The AQUA CHI is not recognized by the FDA as a legitimate mainstream medical treatment. You can however, find it offered in many Chiropractic, and Alternative Minded doctor’s offices. I can only say that it has been a lifesaver for me. I purchased my own AQUA CHI in December of 2003. For me, this machine has been an important factor in my own health. One major thing it has done, is help me remove Toxic Heavy Metals from my system. After a foot bath, I can literally see the metals I have released in the water. Also, I suffer from several immune system disorders, one of them being Lyme’s Disease, which causes severe pain in my joints and muscles. When i feel like i am in about to explode from stiffness, i will do an AQUA CHI Foot Bath, and feel relief immediately, as it is literally helping me release build up from my cells. In general, just doing a foot bath helps my “sick and tired” feelings subside a little from head to toe. I constantly tell others, that this is the best investment i have ever made.

Detox Foot Bath

A lot of people may be weary of natural healing practices such as The AQUA CHI, but i testify, that alternative medicine is where i find all of my answers medically. We are sometimes lead to believe, that if it is not recognized by mainstream medicine, that it is a scam, or even something we should be afraid to try. If a product is not FDA approved, it does not actually mean that it is dangerous or that it doesn’t work. It could simply mean that the FDA cannot create an ongoing prescription and make money from it. I proudly support energy and frequency medicine because it is what is actually working in my own life. And though most alternative healing methods are “processes” that can take time, i constantly remind myself that it took my body over a decade to get sick, therefore, undoing the damage can take time, also. I truly believe that actual healing comes from a process anyways…mind, body, and spirit.