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Brief Discussion About Disney Vacation Club Business

DVC Resale Market has been in business and we have seen just about everything for DVC resale. Choosing the wrong DVC resale company can mean missed opportunities, lost money, or even worse: a damaged credit rating. In this article, we will discuss some things that you should keep in mind to help sell your points and maximize their value.

DVC Resale Business Idea

DVC Resale Business Idea

The DVC Resale business idea is a popular choice for those who are looking to get into the DVC resale industry. There are many reasons this may be one of your better choices, including that it’s usually low-risk and you can make profit on just one account with enough time to put into marketing, advertising, and networking. DVC Resale is an investment opportunity, which offers DVC memberships for sale on the secondary market.

The DVC industry exploded in popularity starting about few years ago when Disney announced they were going to build more DVC properties. The company was looking for buyers who would be interested in purchasing points at one of their businesses.

How Does Disney Vacation Club Resale Work?

How Does Disney Vacation Club Resale Work

DVC resale works by allowing buyers to purchase DVC from an authorized DVC Resale broker. DVC resales are often sold at a discounted price to make up for the lack of benefits and perks DVC members receive when purchasing directly with DVCR.

The buyer pays less than they would if they purchased it through DVR, but they also give up any potential discounts on membership dues that may arise in the future and access to special events offered by Disney Vacation Club Member Services such as complimentary tours of Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks or preferred seating at select live stage shows!

Cost DVC Resale for Each Year

A DVC resale involves buying an existing Disney Vacation Club Membership from someone who no longer wants or needs it. If you do not have one already, there will be initial fees associated with purchasing a membership plus annual recurring maintenance costs and other charges including real estate taxes on properties in Orlando Florida where Disney’s DVC resorts are located.

Add DVC Resale Points for Membership

For existing DVC owners, DVC Resale points represent the opportunity to sell DVC and make some money. For new DVC owners, DVC resale points are an investment in owning DVC that can be sold anytime with no minimum stay requirement.

The first thing you need to know is how many Points your Member ID entitles. When purchasing a Membership from Disney Vacation Club, every year of ownership costs depends on clubs authority. Purchasing over one point will cause additional annual dues based on the number of total points owned.


This information to DVC resale is just what you need if you are considering buying a Disney Vacation Club membership. We hope the information we’ve provided has been helpful and that it will help make your decision easier when it comes time to purchase.