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Information you need to know before choosing a quarantined hotel

A quarantine hotel is a place where you can stay if you need to be quarantined. When you have to stay in a quarantine hotel, it’s usually because you’ve just come from another country where there was an outbreak of covid-19. A lot more people started staying at quarantine hotels once the news about the pandemic took over their television or radio. If you travel a lot, working for example as an airline pilot or flight attendant, it’s almost guaranteed that one day you’ll need to book a room in a quarantine hotel.

What is a Bangkok quarantined hotel?

A Bangkok quarantine hotel will be the place you’ll stay at in case of an outbreak or pandemic, where they would check that you are healthy before letting you out again. Here is more information about how this works. Note: make sure that what we’re talking about here is a “quarantine hotel” and not a “vacation hotel”. The latter doesn’t have anything to do with being quarantined!

How to find the right one for you?

If there’s an outbreak within your country or somewhere nearby, chances are that hotels will raise their prices because people need to go into quarantine. You’ll want to look for a hotel with reasonable prices, close to your place of work or residence, and that has the facilities you need (for instance: do they serve breakfast? How about dinner?). Also, some hotels may not take pets in case of an outbreak, so make sure a hotel you’re looking at is pet-friendly if needed.

Questions to ask before booking

The person who wants to book the Asq hotel in Bangkok should know what their needs are when going into quarantine, such as whether you need a room by yourself or together with someone else (or even with your family) and other questions like that.

Some places to look for quarantine hotels in Bangkok

You can look for hotels online with search engines, or just walk into a hotel and ask them if they have quarantine rooms available. Some hotels will be flexible about different payment plans you can pick (like deposit now and the rest when you leave again), make sure to negotiate this before using it!

Closing advice

If you’re looking for a quarantine hotel right now, keep in mind that prices will increase significantly because of the pandemic. So try finding a cheap one as soon as possible! And don’t forget to call hotels near where you work/ live to see what their policies are regarding quarantines. Good luck with your search!


If you are looking for a quarantine hotel, this article should be helpful in narrowing down your search. You will find that there are many hotels to choose from, but we hope our suggestions can help make the decision process easier for you!