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Diabetic Shoes for Men: Footwear for Diabetics to Buy Online

Poorly fitting footwear for diabetics may not feel uncomfortable, but it can lead to ulceration, sores or a foot injury. The diabetic is less able to detect pain in his extremities due to a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. Not all diabetes sufferers will experience this issue, but it’s a common side effect.

Diabetic shoes for men enable you to avoid the more common foot problems that arise from a lack of feeling in your feet. As well as comfortable footwear, you should also wear special seamless diabetic socks. These will help to keep moisture away from the skin and prevent any unnecessary irritation.

Features to Look for when Buying Footwear for Diabetics

Features to Look for when Buying Footwear for Diabetics

Wider and deeper fitting: A more roomy construction means that men’s shoes for diabetics won’t rub on or pinch the skin. This allows your feet to breathe and manoeuvre more comfortably.

Room for pedorthic insoles: This roomier design allows you to insert your custom made insoles. These assist with the distribution of your weight and help you to avoid the rubbing that causes ulceration.

Roomy toe box: A spacious toe box in your diabetic walking shoes enable you to avoid cramped, pinched or squeezed toes. This will help if you have other conditions, such as bunions, arthritis or hammer toes, find more info.

Circulation in the uppers: A leather or fabric, rather than a synthetic, material allows your feet to breathe more easily. This is an important consideration, unless the design already permits this.

Buy Diabetic Shoes for Men Online at Drew Shoe

The website specializes in the provision of footwear for people with medical conditions. They’ve been helping people like you for well over 135 years. With 100 different styles incorporating 20 performance features, they’ve become a respected retailer of Diabetic men’s footwear.

Delivery costs will be quoted once you’ve registered. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a refund within 30 days for an exchange or full refund. You’ll have to cover the shipping costs so it’s important that you get your feet professionally measured prior to ordering online. Customers can contact customers services free-of-charge by telephoning 1-800-837-3739.

Men’s Shoes for Diabetics to Buy Online at Silverts

Silvert’s has been offering specialist slippers, clothing and diabetic shoes for men since 1930. The now extends the same “unconditional money back guarantee” to customers all around the world. Prices are quoted without taxation which is an important consideration for Canadian customers.

U.S. and Canadian deliveries are made for an affordable flat fee of $9.99. They do deliver internationally, but this will cost you $30 and take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. As is the case with most retailers, delivery and return postage charges are not refundable, except in the unlikely event of a design or manufacturing fault. You can contact their customer service team toll-free on 1-800-387-7088.

Other Considerations when Buying Men’s Diabetic Shoes Online

Finding stores that specialize in the provision of diabetic walking shoes for men can be difficult, but online retailers have made things a lot easier. However, there are fitting issues so it’s important to only buy from stores that give you sufficient time to try on and return your purchase when it doesn’t fit properly.

U.S. citizens may be able to fully or partially offset the cost of customized diabetic shoes for men against a Medicare or their private insurance plan. It’s worth checking the specifics of your policy. This may allow you to “invest” a bit extra so you can afford to buy better, more spacious footwear for diabetics.