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How Does a lie Detector Test Work?

In previous days you people can’t be heard about the lie detector testing or polygraph testing. These tests are sometimes you can’t see in the cinema itself. Some Hollywood cinema films use this lie detector test in their story. This test is used to find out the truth and that may be an accurate result. A lie detector is used to reveal the truth. In this testing the tester’s body will be controlled by the machine. The action of the body will be measured by the equipment that fixed in the tester’s body. The universal truth is, when the person lying to someone the liar’s heartbeat will be raised. This is the symptoms of lying. The machine also uses these symptoms to find out the truth. The machine will note all the body actions and analyze the truth.

Law enforcement persons are used this polygraph test to find out the actual criminal to justice. That means the criminal will accept the truth while the polygraph examiner puts pressure on him. This polygraph test is used for family issues also. The cases in the industry will be using this polygraph test to find out the employee’s original face. In the old history, our elders won’t have any equipment to finding the truth instead of using some mind tricks. That is while the person lying to them they will see their mouth. If their mouth has saliva they will decide that the person is not lying. If not the mouth is dry then they will decide the person is lying.

Equipment used in lie detector:

Some equipment is used in the lie detector test. That is Galvanometer, blood pressure cuff, and rubber tubes. When these types of equipment are attached to the tester’s body then their full control is in the machine. The two pairs of rubber tubes will raise the sweat from the tester’s body and drive into their blood. It will make some changes in their body. That changes are the one which helps the examiner to find out the truth. On one side the machine will do that’s work perfectly and on the other side, the examiner ask a sequence of questions. The examiner note all the reactions of the tester. So that reactions will show the answer to the questions.

Working process of a lie detector

There are many ways to ask questions. One is irrelevant, comparison, and relevant questions. Lie detection or polygraph is the process of a verbal statement to find out the truth. The main intension of this lie detection is to find out the truth. While the examiner asking these types of questions the tester’s mind will be confused and they reveal the truth. Lie detection will find out the non-verbal truth from the tester. It is based on the questioning session for truth-finding. It is full of examiner’s truth-finding techniques. The main work for the examiner is collecting the questions.

The tester’s emotions will be changed like crying and fear about something. So the reactions will be shown the real truth about the question. The galvanometer measures the pull rate and the cuff measures the pressure level. The rubber tubes are fixed at the fingertip to force sweat from the tester’s body. When the examiner trying to test the person, first the machine will register the starting signs of the human body. During the test the machine will register the body symptoms. Also after the test the machine will register the body condition. Finally, the work for the examiner is to compare and analyze the data for making results. But this test is not applicable for every crime. Some major crimes can use this test for finding the truth. Visit here to know more info.