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How many Calories Recommended for Weight Loss?

Obesity is never fun. People suffer from a variety of illnesses due to being overweight. And above all that, body shaming is free. So, having extra weights is more like a burden for people. So, the people who have suffered from this or are suffering from this have always wanted to know how many calories are recommended for weight loss.

In this article, we will talk about the exact figure and also establish the answers to why we have declared this number. And above all, we will discuss a celebrity suffering from obesity to motivate you that you too can go through a significant weight loss if you want.

How daily moderated calorie consumption is related to weight loss?

How daily moderated calorie consumption is related to weight loss

There’s a limit for every person of how much calories they can or should consume each day. If that amount is exceeded, it’s highly likely that those extra calories will create some excess fat in the body. And thus, you will gain the weight you never wanted to in the first place.

Yes, overeating is the fundamental reason why a person becomes overweight or obese. That’s why if you can moderate the amount of calorie consumption regularly, you will surely be able to lose that extra weight you’re carrying around.

Ideal calories consumption per day

In an ideal world, there’s a limit on how many calories you should consume per day. That differs from men to women. Women have to consume 2,000 calories, and men have to consume 2,500 calories per day to stay fit and not to gain any extra weight.

Not to gain weight a person should only eat the number of calories that the body burns each day. The number is in the ballpark of 2,000 to 2,500 calories. That’s why it’s ideal to consume 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day only.

How many calories can I consume to lose weight?

How many calories can I consume to lose weight

According to a variety of research, it was found that an average human body can burn up to 0.45 kgs each week if the calorie intake each day is less than 500 calories. In that sense, a person will lose 4.5kgs in 2 and a half months’ time span.

But that’s just only if you’re looking forward to losing weight by reducing calorie consumption. If you factor in regular exercise and other activities, the calorie consumption number can go up because then the body will burn more calories each day.

Final words

If you’re serious enough about this, I have four words for you, “John Goodman Weight Loss.”

If you are familiar with the tv show Conners, you should know who John Goodman is. John Goodman is the guy who lost 100 pounds by reducing his calorie consumption and regular training, having a personal trainer.

His trainer hooked him up with a reduction of red meat, a Mediterranean diet consisting of lots of vegetables and fruits. Also, he had to rely on olive oil for Omega-3, which improves neurological functions.

The man worked hard to lose weight. People can put a stop to this just by curbing their dietary plan by reducing calorie consumption.

The ideal thing to do is always to consume only the necessary number of calories per day. It will keep you fit and won’t make you obese.