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Liquid Creatine

Chances are you’ve heard the debate over the use of liquid creatine and how it far exceeds any benefit that powder creatine could provide. There are many fables floating around the fitness community that liquid creatine provides instantaneous results where powder can take up to six weeks. Many people have stated publicly that liquid creatine goes straight to the muscles and provides extra energy immediately. These and other rumors are circulated and many people are confused and unsure where the truth lies in this debate. Here’s the straight scoop about liquid creatine and the factual information surrounding it.

Liquid creatine is believed to be the counterpart of creatine monohydrate. The only real significant difference is that one is liquid form and one is in powder form. There is no clinical research to support the outrageous claims the muscles absorb liquid creatine instantly. This is one of the biggest myths surrounding the usage of liquid creatine. However, it should also be stated that there is no significant evidence suggesting that it doesn’t. Most people who attest to using liquid creatine report the same outcome with creatine monohydrate powder. Encountering a body builder or weight trainer that gives testimony stating otherwise can be a confusing issue. However, there are people out there to market the same product under a different form or label. In this case it is liquid creatine by changing the form from powder form and claiming unfounded benefits, find more info.

The fact is that either liquid creatine or creatine monohydrate both require time to be absorbed into the body. The only solid claim that can be honestly made about liquid creatine in the way of advantages over powder forms is that it is a liquid. There are however, a downfall or two to the liquid creatine that should be examined before choosing either one. Liquid creatine is not a stable product. What that means is that liquid creatine can spontaneously degrade to a low quality product and is rendered useless for the body and muscles. That isn’t the only downfall either! Liquid creatine has been tested recently in various clinical studies and determined that in many cases, the content of creatine was much lower than what was printed on the label. This could indicate that the liquid creatine is much more unstable than originally believed or the process of making the liquid creatine removes much of the creatine content.

There are benefits to taking liquid creatine however they are along the same lines as the benefits from taking powder form. They both provide the extra energy to the muscles during workouts or other muscle straining activities like sports. Creatine also boosts regeneration of ATP that heightens energy levels. Liquid creatine can also be used, as powders are to help gain weight, increase size and help strengthen the muscles. You be the judge of which is better for you, liquid or powder now that you hold this imperative information.