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Living with Diabetes

As a 27 year old married graduate student, having diabetes really complicates things for me. I found out I have both Diabetes mellitus and Diabetes insipidus. The first one is sugar diabetes while the other one is water diabetes. When I first found out I had either, I was scared and angry with myself. Why did I let this happen? How will this make life difficult? I only have myself to blame. Then, looking back over the years prior to that day, I realized how diabetes insipidus has played a part in all the complications I had gone through so far.

Up until the age of fourteen, the Diabetes insipidus caused me to suffer from wetting the bed. I went to doctor after doctor and was constantly told I had urinary infections and got medication for it. But it kept returning. I couldn’t go to a friends house for slumber parties because I was too embarrassed for wetting the bed. I was finally given a medication to take each night that picked up what my body couldn’t make. It was a certain hormone that everyone’s body creates that controls the bladder while sleeping, but my body didn’t have it. This medicine made up for that. I was also constantly thirsty. I had to have something to drink almost at all times. I also had to go to the bathroom a lot. This still continues to this day. To find out new information about diabetes, check these guys out.


Up until the last couple of years, I didn’t take the diabetes mellitus seriously. As a result of neglecting myself, my body has suffered a great deal. I have developed polycystic ovarian syndrome which has caused it to be more difficult to get pregnant. I have also struggled with hormonal problems. I don’t have energy like I should and I’m always sleepy because my sugar is high. I am at a risk of having a heart attack or a stroke, even at such a young age. Every time I go to my doctor.he tells me that if I lost weight and get my sugar diabetes under control, the cysts on my ovaries would decrease. But it isn’t that easy.

So now, I am taking it seriously. I can’t risk having a heart attack or a stroke. I want to be a mom. I have to be sure to have insulin with me at all times. I have to carry a sugar meter around with me as well. Some days it is easier than others. Some days, I have more energy than others. I used to get angry at the unfairness of it all. Other people can have desserts and goodies. But I can’t. I have to eat non-sugar foods. But now I know it doesn’t do me any good to get angry. I have to deal with it. Being angry isn’t going to change things.

Since learning I have both types of diabetes, I don’t struggle as much with the history of bed wetting up until such a late age. I understand. I am finally taking control and have vowed to lose weight. I have made up my mind to take my body back and live as happily as possible. With my loved ones, I have the strength and support to make it.