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Microsoft Office 2021 Tips and Tricks

There are many ways to shortcut key combinations in microsoft office 2021, but some are even more useful than others. If you’re tired of having to manually apply formatting to every element in your document, try ctrl+0, Ctrl+8 or Ctrl+9, and see if any of these tricks help you become more productive. The best part is that all of these shortcuts are included in every Microsoft app, including Word.



In Microsoft Office, pressing Ctrl+0 hides the column containing the active cell, or multiple columns if you have more than one selected. The same shortcut adds or removes space before a paragraph in Microsoft Word. This keyboard shortcut also links to information about keyboard shortcuts, as well as individual key pages for each application. However, you can disable its use in a group policy or by using the Office Customization Tool.


If you’re wondering how to change your Ctrl+8 key in Microsoft Office 2021, we’ll walk you through it step-by-step. Start by opening the Office application. On the Account tab, click the Product Information option. If you’re using Office 365, click the Change License button. In the Product Information window, enter your product key and change the license. Once that’s done, you can switch back to your old version of Office.


To switch between fields, press Alt+F9 to insert an empty one, or Alt+Shift+F9. F8 and F9 perform the Size command, respectively, when a workbook is not maximized. F9 alone calculates all worksheets and cells in all open workbooks, while Alt+Shift+F9 performs a variety of other actions. Shift+F10 displays a shortcut menu for the selected item. Ctrl+F10 also maximizes the document window. In addition to highlighting, you can also display the status bar and ribbon by pressing Ctrl+F11.


In Microsoft Office, the shortcut key Ctrl+12 is useful for several functions. The key allows you to save the open document or change to a new one. In addition, it will change the cursor to the previous or next modification. To toggle between the different field codes, use the Shift+F5 and F6 keys. Shift+F6 will open a dialog box with all the available field codes. It also displays the current document status. Finally, Alt+F6 will display the next grammar and spelling check in the document.


If you’re stuck, there are many ways to do anything in Microsoft Office. If you’re feeling like you’re being slow or that you’re being distracted, you can always press Ctrl+F12. The F5 key will refresh your current web page, and it also applies to folders in the files app. If you’re using Microsoft Word, press Ctrl+F5 to open the Find and Replace window. If you’re using PowerPoint, the F5 key will start the slideshow from the beginning. If you’re using the Shift+F5 keyboard shortcut, you’ll start the slideshow from the active slide.


If you’re wondering what the Shift+F12 key does in Microsoft Office 2021, the answer is simple: it toggles the last action you performed. It’s also useful for highlighting text and making changes to the style and font of your documents. The Shift+F5 key changes the text case while the Shift+F6 key toggles between the document and the ribbon. Shift+F6 also switches between the ribbon and the status bar.


For example, when you’re in a workbook, pressing Alt+Page down moves you one screen to the right. Shift+Page up moves you one screen to the left. Shift+Drag moves selected cells. You can also switch between workbooks by using these shortcuts. Listed below are some of the most useful ones: