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Stained Bed Sheets: What to Do with Them

Do you have a set of stained bed sheets that you don’t know what to do with? Chances are you do. You have probably scrubbed to remove the stains without any luck. You might have even put your stained sheet set up for sale in a rummage sale, hoping nobody would notice the stain, but they did.

Still, your stained bed sheet set sits in your closet because you really don’t want to throw out a perfectly good set of sheets due to a stain, right? Well, you don’t have to throw the sheets set out. You can put the bed sheet set to good use in other ways. Here’s how:

What to Do with Them

Mix and match. Who says that you can’t mix and match your sheet colors? Add some personality to your bedroom and mix the unstained top sheet with an unstained fitted sheet, and you’ll have a whole new bed sheet set to enjoy.

Make a baby blanket. Have you ever bought a thin baby blanket for summertime use? If so, you probably paid a whopping $10 or more. Why not use the unstained part of your bed sheet to make a summertime baby blanket.

All you have to do is trim the edges, or you can even double it up for a more solid weight. Either way, you’ll have a nice summertime baby blanket for about half the cost of a regular, store-bought blanket, and you’ll put your bed sheet to good use.

Sew some bloomers. Do you have a baby (or know someone who has a baby)? If so, use the unstained part of your bed sheet to sew up a pair of bloomers to go with that short baby top that failed to come with a pair of bloomers. This will help dress up the top.

Create a pajama set. If you have a small person in your house, you can use the unstained part of your bed sheet to sew up a set of pajama bottoms or a pajama top for summertime use. You might even be able to sew up both for a really small person.

So, if you have a stained set of bed sheets stuffed up in your closet, don’t let them sit there and ruin. Use the bed sheet set. You don’t have to try and hide the stain, and you don’t want to lose good money by trying to pass off your stained bed sheet set to someone else. Just cut out the stain and use the good material for other useful things.