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Tee Shirt Sleeve Disposable Hat for Dirty Jobs

Does your work require you to crawl under houses or do similar dirty jobs? Are you tired of ruining ball cap after ball cap because of dirt and grime? Don’t spend all that money on hats! Make disposable ones that can be used several times or thrown away after one use. These dew rag-type hats are easy to make and cost next to nothing.

Old long sleeve tee shirts are just what you need to make your own disposable work caps. The shirts should be large or extra large for the sleeves to be large enough. Although some short sleeve tee shirts could be used to make the hats the long sleeve ones guarantee that the finished hat will hang long enough to cover your hair.

Tee Shirt

Cut the sleeves off and you’ll have two hats. As you’re cutting the sleeve away from the shirt leave the seam stitches on the side of the shirt. Each sleeve should be completely free of stitching around the arm opening. Cut the length of the sleeve long enough to hang nearly to the neck – or longer if you have long hair. If you are using a short sleeve shirt just cut it away from the shirt and use it at the length it is.

Lay the sleeves out flat on a table. Smooth the shirt so there are no wrinkles. Shirt sleeves generally have a peak on the opposite side of the underarm seam. This peak needs to be cut away from the sleeve. Start at the underarm area of the seam and cut straight across to the fold.

If you’ve cut a long sleeve you’ll need to hem it. The hem can be very narrow if you wish. When you’re finished hemming the cut sleeve the hat is nearly finished. Slide the cut area over your head to check for fit. If it’s a good fit you’ll move on to hemming it. If the cap is a little large take it in slightly by sewing down the underarm seam.

Another choice is to stitch a wide piece of elastic around the head opening. The elastic should be sewn under the new hem. Fold the edge of the arm opening over the elastic and sew down each side of the elastic piece. Read to find out the best one.

When you’re finished all you have to do is slide the disposable cap over your head. If you have long hair you can pull it through the cap so that the “sleeve” covers it. These caps are comfortable and will prevent you from ruining other hats. Never crawl out from under a house with spider webs and other junk in your hair. Wear your disposable cap until the dirty job is done. They stay on the head nicely and are washable – if you want to launder it.

These caps are great for people who don’t do dirty jobs but just want to cover the head. If it’s hot outside, make the caps from white tee shirts, and your head will stay nice and cool. They’re great for men or women – even kids.

You don’t necessarily have to use old tee shirts to make the caps. Use new fabric or use other stretchy garments. Whatever type of material or old shirt sleeves you use they need to be stretchy. Loosely woven types aren’t ideal since they tend to let dirt and debris inside of the hat.

Use the hats once, throw them away, then make new ones. Or, launder them over and over again and spare your ball caps. Purchase shirts at yard sales and flea markets to keep from cutting up your own shirts. Make many at a time or make them as you need them. You’ll be glad to have ’em!