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The 6 Most Important Tips on Using the Vine App for Your Small Business

Vine app is one of the latest social media hits, but it is still relatively unknown for the promotion of small businesses. Here is how you can be one of the first to use the Vine app for your small business:

Using the Vine App
  1. Be Creative
    As the Vine app is so new, most users are still posting videos of themselves making their breakfast or catching a Frisbee. People will not be interested in seeing this sort of content over and over again, especially not from a small business owner, so you must be as creative as possible in your content. You can get your business noticed by making an unusual, creative video, but remember that videos can only last 6 seconds maximum, so do not try to fit too much in.
  2. Use Hashtags
    Vine uses the same # hashtag system as Twitter, so make sure that you promote your videos with appropriate hashtags so that they will get viewed as much as possible, more helpful hints.
  3. Use the Vine App to Drive people to your other Social Networks
    Use Vine to encourage people onto the social media platforms where you are able to communicate via more than 6 seconds of video. Use a short teaser clip that gives the name of your YouTube channel, to encourage people to visit your YouTube to be able to see the full clip. Although Vine isn’t currently all that well integrated with other social media platforms, the chances are that as the platform develops, so will the levels of integration, so it pays to be prepared.
  4. Create a How-to Video
    Consider what you are selling before you try to make a “how-to” video. Although these can be simple and effective for some products, a “how-to” video can easily backfire if you have a product that takes more than 6 seconds to explain. Although most “how-to” video creators edit these videos to be a series of stills or very short clips put together, you risk doing your products disservice if you over simplify them too much.
  5. Staff Introductions
    Ask your staff if you can take their pictures or a clip of them saying “hi”, then edit this into one short clip of them all together. This is a very fast and fun way to show off your staff. If it fits in with the business ethos of your company, you can even ask them each to do something bizarre or quirky in their pictures. This will make them instantly recognizable to your customers.
  6. Promote an Event
    If you are planning and promoting an event, you can make a composite video made up of fun photos from the last event that you held. These photos could eventually build up until the final second or two, when you show details of the next event which will be held. Make sure you display these details for long enough, so that anyone who is watching the clip has time to read and remember the details. Remember that unlike YouTube videos, Vine videos will automatically keep repeating until users tap the screen to pause, so this event info won’t be continuously displayed when the clip is over.
Vine App

Using Vine app for your small business promotion can help to get you ahead of the game in a fast-paced marketing environment. Give Vine app a go using the tips above.