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Who Uses Cad Software?

The usage of CAD software is not only limited to architects. Engineers of different sectors also need CAD software.

Even there are some professions which require CAD software other than engineers. So, don’t think of CAD to be a software with limited purposes. It’s a very handy physics-based software that helps anyone who need to draw structures.

Structuring is a very common thing when someone is trying to create a design. Even if you’re someone who is not an architect per se, but know how to design using CAD, you can definitely design modern structures.

For example, if you’re an automobile engineer, you can design car parts using CAD software. Usually, it’s not done that way. But it’s always an option.

So, who uses CAD software?

So, who uses CAD software

CAD software has a lot of technical usage by people from different sectors. Some of them are –


Architects have a job of designing buildings of any kind. Starting from small villa to skyscrapers, architects design them all.

Before the emergence of computers, architects used to do their designs on graph papers with a lot of small-scale measurements. These designs had to very precise otherwise the whole structure would fail.

Such a risk, mitigated by miles when they started using CAD software. To be honest architecture was the first sector where CAD SOFTWARE was highly recognized.

It was so easy to control and generate a design with a CAD software that people stopped using pen and pencil.
Architects now carry their design on their laptops. Or make a design then and then and show. This is all possible for them because they have CAD Software.

Naval architecture and Marine Engineers

Naval architecture and Marine Engineers

This is almost as same as being an architect. But the only difference is that all the designs are based on water.
Mostly, naval architects and marine engineers design hulls, cruise ship interiors, container carriers, offshore rigs, whole ships, yacht, boats, etc.

They used to do all of these designs on pen and paper before. Now they can perform 2D or 3D designing on CAD software.


Engineers randomly can use CAD if they have to create a design. It can be a circuit, an electrical board, a HVAC system, fire fighting system, or absolutely anything.

If any engineer has to design, he does that on CAD. It’s not like he can do designs on CAD. It’s that to get the perfect example on 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional figure, it helps them to understand their designs better and find their mistakes.

Despite these three, drafters, city planners, project construction designer, and even more can use CAD if they want to.


CAD is not a dedicated software. if you have an aptitude for it and want to design stuff according to your mind, you can. No one is going to judge you.

But with the advantages it provides, it’s very hard not to consider it as an option to use it professionally. That’s why engineers, architects, planners use it to make their designs perfect.